The Artlet: A showcase of student art and poetry

Features Graphic Photo Series

Eric Caouette

“If I’m Moving Forward, Then Why Am I Behind” album cover

Composite image created from NGC4830 galaxy and M83 galaxy photos from the Hubble telescope

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

After flipping through the Martlet archives one day at the office, we came across a lively section from the 80’s that stood out from the often text-heavy pages surrounding it. The Artlet was dedicated to showcasing student-made art and poetry, and created a nice change of pace and a pop of eye-candy in the paper despite being printed in mostly black and white. With our current culture section often taking a back seat to news and opinions, our ability to print in full colour and publish online, and the emergence of digital art as a new medium, it seemed appropriate to revisit this section. Taking the time to create art or poetry isn’t always easy within a student schedule, but our hope is that bringing back  this section can encourage and inspire students from all backgrounds to take a break from school work and set aside some time to create — no matter what major you’re in. 

Jules Paulson

“Warrior Helmet”

Inspired by “Bust of a warrior” silverpoint drawing by Leonardo DaVinci

22 gauge and 18 gauge steel sheet metal

Kathryn Rogers

Adobe Illustrator


An acre
of the mind
can be buried
under the sea of fears
of hesitations
of regrets
of doubts
both to others
and myself
one doesn’t know
that he is drowning
until the water
fills his lungs.

-Finn Tobin

Sarah M. Suleman

“The Train”

Mixed medium

Ode to Mary Anne Grubb—aged 20—and her family, who died at sea Nov. 1977 aboard the fishing boat Gustav en route home to Victoria.

Her voice; a siren

Her body lost at

Sea that night she made

Love to the ocean

When the vessel could

No longer provide 

Within sight of home

The jagged shoreline

Her cries still intermingling

With ocean breeze

A still-life underneath 

The sea

-Eric Caouette

Adrian Dunkerson

Adobe Photoshop



I wind up

just a few years back

and my life disappears,

crashes before my feet,

all dreams amiss.

Was there a future?

Not long ago,

I didn’t believe in one.

I was told 

that my existence served no purpose at all.

Even the purpose of my own accord

would never serve existence in return.

But now,

I live in moments molded by magic and mystery.

After all those and these nights of pure terror,

nightmare after nightmare,

I wake up to a dream each day.

I am forever grateful.

I lived it,

I survived it.

Now I live

and forever survive,

so never will I die.

I am here,


but I love myself and my company,

so never will I go lonely.

I sob tears of joy

because I survived

even through the times

I was sure I would die.

Suicide was normality

for a girl that slept and awoke


Ate and drank


Thought and spoke


Now I am here,

and I love

those that did not love me.

They gave the gift

of ash and dirt.

I bloomed

into a bud of diamond.


is a place I will never go back to.


is my eternal land.

What you gave me


What I give you

is eternal.

& After

-Amber Dayton

Katlyn Nugent

“Fire Dancer”

Acrylic and spray paint

The Artlet will be a recurring series, with submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Please submit your work to