The Artlet | Bringing in spring

Culture Literature Visual Arts

A showcase of student art and poetry

Angie Reamer


Acrylic on canvas (18×24)

Natasha Simpson


Shot in Oak Bay with a Sony A6000


Inés, how do you 

Never squander your words?

Effortlessly crafting ideas as

invaluable as gems,

Surely and swiftly from the magic of your pen.

Daring to argue that perspective is

Ever-changing whilst having us

Laugh at your sharp wit. 

Astounding, your intellect.

Courageous, your spirit.

Relevant, your observations. 

Unrelenting dedication to your studies and 

Zealous in your quest to be heard. 

-Angie Reamer

Inspired by the life and works of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695). She was an autodidact and advocated for a woman’s right to education. She is commonly referred to as the Tenth Muse, or the Phoenix of Mexico. 

Emma Judd



Paige Parker


Adobe Photoshop

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