The Martlet’s Pitching Guide

Photo by Anna Dodd, Editor-in-Chief.

Thanks for your interest in writing for the Martlet! In this pitching guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about getting your story published with the Martlet. This page is specifically for UVic students or members of our broader UVic community that are looking to get their work published. Businesses or organizations with article ideas or press releases should directly contact

Before sending off your pitch, please quickly read our volunteer guide, style guide, and conflict of interest policy. We also have a pitch list, where we send volunteers story ideas. If you’re interested, you can subscribe here.

We do not pay contributing writers. However, we hire journalists every year and volunteering with the Martlet is an excellent way to get started.

We acknowledge that the majority of article submissions we receive are from white voices. We want to especially uplift racialized voices and BIPOC writers in our campus community. Recognizing that BIPOC voices have traditional, systemic barriers in accessing campus newsroom spaces, the Martlet is prepared to specifically offer support to BIPOC writers in crafting pitches and writing articles.

Before pitching, please ensure that you have done some research into your idea and how you might approach your story.  Here are some elements a pitch should include: 

  • A proposed headline and proposed wordcount
  • Basic information about the story, such as where it takes place, who is involved, and what the main crux of the story is. Also specify which section you think the story is a good fit for (see The Martlet’s sections below)
  • The angle or perspective you plan to take when writing this story. 
  • Is there a local connection to the story? 
  • Why you feel this story is important 
  • How you will get more information to build your story, and whether that is through research or interviews. 

Again, if any of these questions become hurdles for your pitch, please reach out to us and we can help you hone your ideas. 

The Martlet’s sections are as follows: 

Please let us know if you have any questions the pitching process! Our Editor-in-Chief, Isabella Kennedy, is always happy to talk to you about your ideas and can be reached at