The sun’s deception

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The time has come for the sun to fool us all. When it’s sunny out, it doesn’t always mean it’s warm. It means the desperately romantic wind is trying to sweep us off our feet by smothering us in fallen leaves. The first wave of viruses is just receding, so let’s not get caught by the second. Stay warm and dry in these cosy finds.

Winter is all about layering and I like to have a good foundation for those especially cold days. Thank Odin for the defeat of the Ice Giants . . . and also for the invention of long-sleeved dresses. Bless’ed Are The Meek has a snug ivory Palm Dress ($275 at that reminds me too much of the sun’s rays to be fit for the snow.

Still Life (550/551 Johnson St.) never ceases to amaze me with their multi-faceted style. Last year I remember fishing out a Libertine-Libertine shirt when hunting for a gift for my father. He’s not very fond of the cold and we were planning to visit Korea, where it gets down to minus 20°C. The Libertine-Libertine shirt was perfect in print and texture, and was unlike ordinary shirts in that it was slightly thicker. Though it’s a year later, I still regret not getting that herringbone shirt for him. (At the very least, if he really didn’t like it, I could have taken it off his hands.) The Hunter Shirt, it’s called, is available again this year at Still Life, along with Brixton beanies, Nudie Jeans denim, an unhinging selection of Filson bags, and oh-so-sharp Clae shoes. There’s also an unbelievably soft smoke shirt from Plectrum by Ben Sherman (for him) and a wonderfully colourful plaid shirt from Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen (for her).

Top those shirts with a coat by my love, Massimo Dutti. It’s almost a crime that I can’t find a single Dutti store in B.C., but I suppose their online store ( will simply do. For women, I fancy the Cloak ($345), mostly for its name, but also for its straight cut and 4:1 wool to nylon ratio. Throw up the hood for added mystery. For men, the Reversible Wool Parka ($375) gives you double for your money. I went weak at the knees after reading the description. It’s everything I could ever want in a jacket. Keywords: light, waterproof, wool, leather, removable hood.

However, if a full coat is too warm for you in Victoria’s light winter, may I suggest a gilet? I was skeptical about vests until I came across a description of them by Joanna Goddard of A Cup Of Jo blog. She said they were like sticking your foot out from under the covers when it got too warm. Jack Wills is very proud of their gilets, advertising them as “expertly crafted” with a “tough outer layer, soft cotton lining and unrivalled insulation.” They’re available for both sexes at

Just up the way from Still Life, at 610 Johnson St., Amelia Lee scored a couple of boots from SuperTrash that would make formidable companions for the rain. Don’t you know puddles are portals? While kids might be too light to jump through, adults can sink right into a new world! But I digress . . .  They also carry an array of iPhone cases designed by Field Trip (fieldtrip on for generations 4 and 5 so you can accessorize without having to pull up your sleeves. I fell in love with the Duke in that boutique. By the Duke, I mean the leather carry-all tote from One Fated Knight. You can also find it online at and perhaps court a Duchess too.

Lazy Oaf has funky iPhone cases as well as other accessories that will yank the dank out of your days. Get their Bobble Hats and Kitty Socks from

If, like me, you trust sneakers so much that you even wore them to prom, you’ll love the weatherproof sneakers by Superga. The classic Superga 2750 ($85.50 at is designed with water-resistant canvas and a fur lining that’ll keep your feet dry and warm should you be unable to resist kicking snow.

If you haven’t visited Roberta’s Hats on 1318 Government St., I suggest you do. It’s one of those stores that look oddly interesting from the outside and don’t disappoint you once you enter. The salespersons don different hats each day too, I hear. I recently bought a dark purple wool beret from their long line of berets, and so far it seems to make anything look chic. An eccentric hat might just be the thing you need to set you apart from the other Tooks and Brandybucks.

I should mention that One Teaspoon ( is having a sale (as Australian brands should since their summer is just beginning), so take advantage of it and grab their knits and things before they’re sold out! I’ve already snatched up a couple of Smith Tees ($20 AUD) and a pair of the Devil Woman Knit Shorts ($38.70 AUD) for lounging at home with the thermostat on.

Finally, if you are in desperate need of a comfortably warm sleep in a bed of snow, then you are in need of the Selk’bag. It’s a full-bodied sleeping bag that resembles a puffy, insulated onesie. You can read about its history and conception at, where they’re available in sizes for adults and kids.

In all seriousness though, keep your blood running. Don’t let the real vampires starve.