The UVSS June meetings: a Tweet-cap

Campus News

June 4:

Perhaps the biggest tension to come out of the first UVSS Board of Directors meeting of the month came not from the directors themselves, but from a spelling error in a live tweet session.

But I digress, for now.

The 2018/19 Board, continuing to familiarize themselves with one another, met for the third time in the basement of the SUB —  since, let’s face it, you weren’t in attendance (nor probably knew the meeting was taking place) this is everything you need to do to catch up on the student politics at UVic. here is everything you need to know about the meeting.

Noticeably absent was Director of Finance & Operations Curtis Whittla, who had to miss the meeting due to personal matters. Director of Outreach and University Relations Pierre-Paul Angelblazer reassured the board that the society’s financial matters would be addressed in a future meeting.

Up next were reports from constituency organizations and the Native Students Union (NSU).

Nathan Ponce, a representative of the Students of Colour Collective (SOCC), updated the board on the progress of his group’s artwork.

In the last meeting on May 14, Ponce told board members that the SOCC was in the process of commissioning art from local artists and residents to create work for them — to give people of colour a chance to show off their work. Pride, the NSU, and Third Space also announced plans for the summer.

The meeting then moved to question period, where Angelblazer opened the board to comments from the gallery.

There was only one question from the gallery, and it pressed Angelblazer on what the board hopes to see in the one-year report about UVic’s new sexualized violence policy.

After some motions that changed the language of Director-at-Large duties for the still-vacant Director of International Student Relations position, the board moved into filling a vacancy for a seat on the Senate’s Ombudsperson subcommittee.

Since the Senate and the Board of Directors run on slightly different schedules (the Senate’s term ends in July), Angelblazer suggested that the board pass a motion to avoid selecting a new student representative for the final month of the Senate’s term.

He passed along the name of Diana Popova, a PhD student who has been on the Senate for the entire year, to fill the placeholder position.

After passing that motion, the board also agreed to vote on a successor to the position sometime later in July, after the Senate’s term has concluded.

Finally, after the board moved in camera, and this reporter was forced to hit the road — but not without some devastating news.

The ‘Grammar Police’ caught an honest spelling error during the live tweet.

I swear I’m a Writing major . . . 

June 18:

On a sweltering day on campus, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, the board convened for the second time that month in the Upper Lounge of the SUB.

The agenda would be dominated with motions to tackle the specific language of clubs on campus, but time would first be allotted for reports from the board members.

With no presentations, announcements, or reports from constituency organizations, the meeting moved to reports from the Directors themselves.

Whittla, who was in attendance at this second meeting, discussed the current status of their budget and money figures announced from the past UVSS election.

Perhaps the most notable thing to come from Whittla’s report was news that the 2018 election was $23 000 over budget.

The finance director claimed that the elections weren’t budgeted as well as it should have been, and pledged to look over the individual transactions when they have money numbers from the full calendar year.

Next, moving into the priority business part of the agenda, Angelblazer recommended a motion that would clarify ‘active status’ for clubs within UVSS policy.

In the past, policy hasn’t clarified how active clubs can acquire ratification at the first meeting of every semester, as in theory the clubs’ active status ends at the end of each semester.

The new wording of the bill, however, dictates that active clubs automatically gain temporary voting rights for the purpose of ratification at the first meeting of the semester, in order to close that loophole.

Keeping in line with this theme, the next motion allowed for all UVSS clubs to reserve storage lockers in the basement of the SUB. The motion passed with little discussion.

Angelblazer then followed that up with a proposed amendment regarding potential clubs that hand in their registration form past the deadline.

After brief discussion at the table, the motion passed and the clarified wording in the amendment now reads that late forms will be accepted during the grace period that lasts until 12:00 p.m. on Clubs Council day, and clubs that submit forms submitted after the grace period can still be ratified without funding for the next semester.

Using that motion that just passed, Lee proposed an amendment that would see seven returning clubs (IEEE, Precious Plastics, Cabaret Voltaire, Saudi Student Association, K-Pop, Skywave, and UVic VR) to be ratified without funding for the Summer 2018 semester. The motion carried, followed by an omnibus motion that closed the meeting.

The next board meeting is scheduled for July 9 at 6:00 p.m. in the SUB Upper Lounge.