‘The Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb’

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Ana de Lara presents a play about a woman obsessed with playing the part of the Virgin Mary in a Nativity pageant. The character Virginia Maria Bing Bong Kalamatis does not realize she is dreaming about  playing the Virgin Mary, then discovers that she may have a new role as the mother of the second coming of Christ.


Martlet: How would you sum up your show in a sentence or phrase?

Ana de Lara: It’s like you are having a dream of seeing a movie and a play at the same time and the audience is cracking up because, well, it’s darn funny… and you realize, whoa, this is not a dream.  It’s The Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb.


M: Where did you get the idea or inspiration for your show?

A.L.: God spoke to me and said, “Get off your ass.  I gave you a brain and a traumatic childhood.  Start writing and make people laugh.”


M: What is the most interesting experience you’ve had while performing?

A.L.: I started speaking in a British accent and realized I was actually performing “2 for Tea”, so I just winged it.  The audience never realized they were watching an impromptu “The Virgin Mary Had 2 for Tea With a Little Lamb.”  It was rather fun, really.


M: Is there a message or a moral you’d like audiences to take away from your show?

A.L.: God loves you and sometimes he doesn’t.  What are you gonna do about it?


M: If your characters could live in any era other than their own, what would it be and why?

A.L.: In the future, specifically the 9000s, when imaginary characters finally have the same legal rights as props.


“The Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb” at Victoria Fringe
Fairfield Hall, 1303 Fairfield Rd
Saturday, Aug. 31@ 5:30 p.m.
Sunday, Sept.1@ 2:15 p.m.
$11 Regular, $9 Student/ Senior (plus $6 Fringe Visa Button)

Tickets are $11 for sinners, $9 for students, and free for bishops, priests, and other clergy (with proper ID).