This Week in Martlet History: May 17


In the May 17, 2001 Martlet issue, staff wrote an editorial piece that discussed the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) protests and their effect on the world and the provincial election. During this time, notable anti-globalization protests took place around the U.S and Canada..

According to the column, not many of the B.C. protestors that travelled across the country in defiance of globalization would be voting Liberal in the upcoming election. This article is significant because these protesters were fighting polices such as tax havens, privatization and fiscal reorganization—all of which many economists believe helped balance the budget after several previous political scandals.

Today in 2013, skeptical feelings toward economically liberal policies still exist and to a certain extent, are well warranted. For example, skeptics believe globalization has led to increased corporate autonomy, outsourcing of important North American Industries and the exploitation of the world’s poorest people.

This past, May 14 election was an important event that will determine whether the public values modern economics or social welfare, and it’s very important for the public to choose a government who they feel best serves the province.