Thoughts Occasioned by Remembrance Day

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Do not remember! Not like this!

Far better, truer, genuine

To let it rest

Safely immured, without occasion,

Than celebrate and honour it

Like this.

Scheduled remembrance is a fraud,

A sham that but adorns itself

With outward worth, significance and gravity

To mask the failure

Of what’s commemorated.

Remembrance true and genuine

Is alteration of the soul,

Is reformation of the self to different boundaries

By integrating what was meaningful and what had moment

 Into the very framework of the world which

Newly now perceived and structured,

Becomes what had been sought by those

Who are remembered.

Remembrance otherwise,

 Lacks meaning in the frame

Of who we are.
It is a fraud:

A gloss, 

Veneer most thin that hides
Profound forgetting.