Tweetcap | Feb. 10 UVSS Board meeting

Campus News

The UVSS talks Good Food Challenge while many directors stand in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en

File photo of Vertigo Lounge, by Cormac O’Brien.

On Monday Feb. 10, 2020, the UVSS Board of Directors met to discuss ecologically sustainable food projects on campus. Meanwhile, many board members attended the legislature to assist land defenders in their protest against pipeline expansions in Indigenous territories.

The biggest news of the night was the resignation of Shay Lynn Sampson, Director of Events, who was not present to share her reasons for resigning. A statement of these reasons, as well as a motion to replace Sampson, will occur on Feb. 24.

Unfortunately, the Board does not believe that Sampson’s campaign promises will be able to be fulfilled. However, someone will be chosen by the board to carry out her mandate.

One of the night’s presentations was by Zoe Martin on the Good Food Project. The presentation focused on the Good Food Challenge, an initiative started by Meal Exchange that aims to improve sustainability and food quality on Canadian campuses.  

Martin described that the goal of the challenge is to achieve a ratio of 20 per cent “good food” — that is socially just, humane, ecologically sustainable food — by 2025. Currently, the UVSS has achieved a ratio of 18 per cent.

Martin also suggested the formation of a Good Food campus committee and the development of an implementation strategy as well as a multi-year action plan and committee reports as methods for securing a 20 per cent ratio.

The UVSS is currently ahead of the university in terms of offering Good Food. When Good Food approached the university regarding changes which could be made to sustainability and implementation of the Good Food Project on campus, the university conducted an audit on Mystic and Cadboro Commons, but there was no follow-up.

Due to the absence of many directors who were at the B.C. Legislature supporting and participating in protests, multiple agenda items were postponed. Once the final motion regarding the SUB Business Marketing Committee had passed, the meeting was adjourned.