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124 cases, 4 of which are omicron – Dec. 13

30 COVID-19 cases among UVic students – Dec. 10

Families at Juniper Place warned of “potential exposure” – Monday, Sept 13, 2021

Brishti Basu, a journalist for Capital Daily, tweeted a screenshot of an e-mail from Jim Forbes, the Senior Director of Campus Services. In the e-mail, Forbes asks that families keep their children home due to a potential COVID-19 exposure.

“We have received information this evening that there has been a potential COVID-19 exposure at Juniper Place,” Forbes writes. “We will provide an update to parents as soon as we have more guidance from Island Health.”

The university says Juniper Place will re-open on Sept. 20 and no other child care facilities are impacted.

Juniper Place is part of the Child Care Complex (CCC) a few blocks away from the UVic’s main Ring Road campus on Finnerty Road. While non-UVic affiliated children can enroll, the CCC primarily offers child care to UVic students, staff, and faculty.


More information about the COVID-19 Tracker:

UVic and Island Health have repeatedly declined to release any information about COVID-19 cases. They’ve said that releasing information about COVID-19 cases jeopardizes privacy and furthers the stigma around contracting COVID-19. They say that releasing this information and furthering this stigma would, in turn, cause people not to get tested.

Although they will contact people that have been exposed, this information is not made public. When we were leaked information about an exposure at a residence building in April 2021, UVic would not tell the Martlet whether there was one or multiple people with COVID-19 in the building.

Here’s an excerpt from an editorial we published in April 2021:

“UVic states that they have traced the contacts of the COVID-positive students, but no specific information will be released about the date or location of the exposures. UVic also does not have or disclose data on how many COVID-19 exposures or cases there have been on campus this year. 

‘[Information] will only be shared with university staff if operationally required, and only then in strict confidence. The University will only share information as they deem necessary through the Communication department,’ said an email from Residence Services to students living in [a residence building where there was an exposure.”

We are calling on the campus community to send us any information you have about COVID-19 cases on campus. If we receive and verify information about cases, we will post it here.

As student journalists, we are trained to sort through and verify information. UVic students, staff, and faculty have relied on our articles to keep them informed throughout this pandemic. Any cases reported through our COVID-19 tracker or in our other coverage will be diligently fact-checked, just like all of our reporting.

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