UVic prof tells hilarious and original joke—most students laugh, several predictably offended


By Neil G. Rayzer

UVic Political Science professor Jeffrey Kincaide reportedly told a funny joke to a half-full lecture hall on the Friday prior to Reading Break. Allegedly the professor said: “Is it a reading break… or a break from reading?” According to eyewitness sources, the lecture hall laughed hysterically before erupting into applause. A group of approximately 25 students chanted, “KIN-CAIDE KIN-CAIDE KIN-CAIDE!” before carrying the professor around campus. Fourth-year Political Science student Ben Dover stated: “I’d actually never heard that joke before. It was fucking hilarious.”

However, not all were impressed by the joke, with some calling it discriminatory against students without a sense of a humour. An anonymous formal complaint sent to university president Jamie Cassels stated: “Not everyone has the ability to laugh easily or put a joke into context. It’s patronizing and hurtful that professors would forget that.”

Apparently riding high on his recent comedic victory, Kincaide has since issued a written response, which read: “You must be mistaken. I ain’t tryna [sic] hurr [sic] that.”

At the time of writing, it hasn’t yet been verified whether anyone thinks Kincaide’s response is funny.