UVSS politics cool down at May 6 board meeting

Campus News

Ready for the next installment of a juicy UVSS Board of Directors’ meeting report? Sorry, can’t offer that. But keep reading for a summary of the June 6 meeting anyway.


Remember these folks? (Read our May 11 board report if you don’t.) They came! They presented! The juice? Pretty dry. When asked what the issues were that required club representatives to make a presentation, a few board members expressed uncertainty about how much of the club comprised undergraduate students, and questioned how the club managed to book space for their upcoming Anarchist Book Fair.

The club reps spoke to their being UVic students, as well as the lack of space for anarchist students on campus, and how they would be able to fill that void while being supported by staff and students.

Kevin Tupper, UVSS Director of Finance and Operations, said it’s not his place to agree with all the clubs on campus, and called a vote for the board to ratify the club for the summer 2016 term. The motion passed; the anarchists got up and left.


International Grill renovations are almost on schedule, according to Tupper. The board also met off campus recently for strategic planning for the society, but Tupper didn’t speak further to what went on. Maxwell Nicholson, Director of Campaigns and Community Relations, mentioned a new campaign focus on textbooks — namely, the unbundling of textbooks and the push for more open-sourcing. Jordan Quitzau, Director of Events, mentioned briefly that some issues with upcoming events were brought forward to him, gave no more info, but invited folks to attend his Events committee to discuss.

Looking for an update on the May 16 meeting’s mess? Here it is: Tupper said that the Policy Development committee has met to consider the concerns brought forward. Oh boy.


Two major motions were recommended this meeting — the first being MPAG Committee (Marketing Planning & Advisory Group) being renamed to SUB Business Units Marketing Committee. (This name doesn’t BUM me out.)

The second, in what finally offered some drama, was a motion brought forward by Tupper and unanimously recommended by the Executive Committee concerning a memorandum of understanding that would see the UVSS enter a one-year membership with Volunteer Victoria, “an external non-profit with a mission to inspire everyone to volunteer.”

The motion to join the organization ultimately passed, but not without some debate (that we’ll be unpacking online in the next week) and three abstentions noted in the minutes.

After a brief session in camera starting at 7:25 p.m., this board meeting adjourned just 15 minutes later at around 7:40. A shame — I actually brought a book this time.

The next board meeting will take place on Monday, June 20, at 6 p.m. in the SUB Upper Lounge (or maybe Vertigo).