UVSS SAGM Tweetcap: UVSS continues to value fun, despite best efforts

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SAGM failed to meet quorum, but discussed the value of fun at length

File photo of Vertigo Lounge, by Cormac O’Brien.

On February 6, students gathered into the UVSS’ Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) to have their voice heard on two motions — including one to get rid of fun as a UVSS value. Although the UVSS made ample attempts to draw students in by giving away a UVic bookstore giftcard, a bike, and $100 towards the fund of a club or course union, not enough students showed up. 

Yet again, the UVSS did not meet quorum and could not pass any motions. Only 65 students attended — a far cry from the 109 required. In the last seven years, the UVSS has never met quorum at a SAGM for more than half an hour. 

The two motions the UVSS intended to pass involved changing the UVSS’ set of values and removing a specific clause in a bylaw about advertising committee positions. 

The changes to the UVSS’ values involved removing “FUN!!” from the list of values and adding two values, environmental sustainability and decolonization. However, multiple students expressed their concern that this motion would take the fun out of the UVSS.

In addition to prize draws, each of the UVSS Lead Directors gave speeches about their terms on the board. Director of Events Shay Lynn Sampson was not present, as Samspon was actively involved in a lockdown at the B.C. Legislature in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en following RCMP raids on Wet’suwet’en land earlier that day. 

Unlike regular UVSS meetings, the SAGM was not live streamed to encourage more students to attend. Dakota McGovern, Director of Finance and Operations, was the first to offer his report. 

McGovern said he was successful in increasing revenues for SUB businesses, and contributed more to donations and grants than any other board. McGovern projected a $97 463 operating surplus deficit in the proposed budget he presented at the Annual General Meeting last fall. 

The rest of the Lead Directors also spoke to their successes and favourite parts of their term. 

The Director of Campaigns, Juliet Watts, spoke to the student-led nature of her campaigns and the recent Board of Governor’s decision not to divest. 

Questions from the audience followed the Lead Director’s reports. Many students asked about getting involved with the UVSS. 

With their terms drawing to a close, the current UVSS Board won’t get another chance to try to make the UVSS less fun.