UVSS welcomes students back with local music at Frost Fest


The chance for students to combine UVic spirit with downtown nightlife and get classy is a rare one, and one that the inaugural Winter Frost Fest is offering on Jan. 24.

The semi-formal event welcomes students back from the winter break with a party at the Strathcona Hotel the night on Jan. 24. The lineup is set to play throughout the night at different spots in the Strathcona Hotel in mini-festival fashion, with acts including Jon and Roy, The Zolas, Woodsmen, The Grass Tracks, DJ Murge and DJ Marshall.

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“It’s an all-encompassing welcome-back party,” says UVSS events director Lewis Rhodes. ”It’s good in that it gives something for everyone with different bands, different music and the games room for anyone who just wants to hang out and play pool.”

Off-campus events for UVic students have been scarce in the past, and the Strathcona Hotel doesn’t often book out its venues to groups, save for the annual UVic grad party.

“There hasn’t been anything of this size or set-up [for UVic students] since the SUB parties got shut down in 2006, I believe,” says Rhodes.

Homegrown band Jon and Roy and Vancouver staples The Zolas headline the evening. Both music duos have played venues and music festivals across the West Coast. Each offers a different breed of indie-alt rock: Jon and Roy play folk rock, and The Zolas edge closer to quirky indie-pop.

“[UVic Frost Fest] is a really great idea, and we’re very honoured to be invited to play,” says Woodsmen vocalist Maryse Bernard. “It’s cool that the UVSS is bringing bands like Jon and Roy, but also giving us a voice, too, as well as The Grass Tracks.”

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Local favourites Woodsmen open for Jon and Roy at 9one9, while Victoria’s own The Grass Tracks warm up the stage for The Zolas in the Sticky Wicket Clubhouse. The night will be rounded out by DJ Marshall, who plays 9One9 on weekends, and DJ Murge — both installations in Victoria’s club scene.

“We can’t wait, and with the 1000-person capacity, we’re excited to play for a bigger audience,” says Bernard.

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Woodsmen have been featured on CBC Radio 1 and Radio 3, have played shows at Lucky Bar, Alix Goolden Hall and Felicita’s and are currently recording an EP with Sam Weber from Jets Overhead. The Grass Tracks are the current band of the month on The Zone 91.3 FM, and earned first place at Felicita’s Battle of the Bands in November. Their EP Carnival played on CBC, and the band is on their way back to the recording studio early this year.

The games room will also be open to anyone looking to take a break from the music, shoot some pool or play darts. The UVSS is providing a free shuttle service afterwards along major routes.

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UVic Frost Fest (19+ event)

Thursday, Jan.24

Strathcona Hotel

919 Douglas St.

$20 Students

$25 Non-students

Tickets available at the SUB info booth