Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement

This document establishes an agreement between the undersigned volunteer(s) (“Volunteer(s)” or “I”) for the Martlet Publishing Society and the Martlet Publishing Society (“MPS”).

I understand that MPS is a professional environment. As a volunteer, I will act in a way that reflects positively on MPS both in the office (editing videos etc.) and in the field (interviewing subjects, reviewing shows etc.).

I have read MPS’s ConstitutionCode of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy, and I understand that I may be asked to leave MPS if in MPS’ sole discretion, I am found to have: (a) violated those policies, or (b) created an uncomfortable working environment for staff and/or other volunteers.

I know I can talk to the business manager, editor-in-chief or production co-ordinator of MPS (“MPS Officers”) at any time if I have questions or concerns with the working environment.

As a volunteer for MPS, I understand that MPS owns first publication rights to written, photographic or graphic content I create for it, and has the right to post that content on its website and use it in its multimedia programs. I also understand that all rights to written content revert back to me upon first print and online publication, and that I will be informed and asked for my permission before my work is reused or repurposed by any outside organization other than student news organizations that have a content sharing agreement with MPS.

I will not submit previously published works to MPS (this includes blog entries and class assignments) without first informing the editor(s) of MPS. My stories shall be accurate, ethical, factually correct and well documented with notes and recordings. I understand MPS follows standard journalistic practice of not allowing sources to read articles before publication. I understand libel and the penalties associated with it, as well as the practices and policies of MPS.

I understand MPS owns all video work I may produce for it in perpetuity and throughout the world all right, title and interest, including the copyright, trade-mark and all other intellectual property rights regardless of whether this Agreement expires in the normal course or is terminated for any cause or reason. I hereby expressly waive any and all “moral” and analogous rights in the results and proceeds of videos for MPS and all cause of action for infringement of such rights to which I may now or in the future be entitled pursuant to any statute, regulation, rule of law of usage world-wide. I understand that I may use videos I produce for MPS in demo reels for my own purposes, but that copyright remains with MPS.

I will not have, and shall not represent that I have, any authority to incur any cost, expense or liability with respect to the production of videos or stories for MPS other than those costs and expenses provided for in contracts for MPS feature films. If I choose to use my own equipment for MPS videos or written content, I shall assume total responsibility for any damages that equipment may incur. If I use MPS equipment, whether for audio, video or photographic purposes, I will take all necessary precautions and return the equipment in a timely fashion, alerting MPS Officers if any damages have been incurred.

The rights granted to MPS under this Agreement shall survive the termination of: (a) my time as a volunteer, and (b) this Agreement.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, and the federal laws applicable therein, and the parties hereto irrevocable attorn to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of British Columbia in connection with all matters relating to this Agreement.

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