What do you think about UVic receiving funding for the European Union Centre of Excellence?

Campus News

streeters_Taylor Middleton
Taylor Middleton
Second year
Child and Youth Care

“Sounds kind of interesting. I think if it’s going toward something beneficial for us, it’s good. I don’t have any really strong opinion about it.”

stsreeters_Alyssa Savage
Alyssa Savage
Second year
Environmental Studies & Economics

“I think that it’s interesting. It’s obviously going to bring a different point of view to students. Not knowing anything about it, I would be excited to see it come here, to learn.”

streeters_Bryan Benner

Bryan Benner
Graduate student

“Events like Congress [2013], if you’re a student here, you have to come up with like $300 and registration and entrance things. It leads to differential levels of participation based on your financial and social privileges at the university and not necessarily based on academic merit. So to have funding initiatives like this come to our university I think is wonderful, and hopefully it will lead to student engagement in scholarly activities.”