What does fashion mean to you?

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Jaclyn Rekis
Jaclyn Rekis
Second year
Philosophy and Sociology

“Fashion is kind of just personal preference, really. I don’t tend to follow any one style particularly. I like street fashion, so I often get ideas from seeing other people and what they wear and I often mix a lot of things. So one day it’s more bohemian and the next day it’s more grungy or boyish. I’m quite tomboyish I think. A lot of my clothes could be worn by men, I think.”


MJ Sorba
Fifth year
Women’s Studies and Political Science

“It’s a statement of my identity.”


Jesse Kerr
Fourth year
Political Science and Social Justice Studies

“I guess fashion is my individuality, but I don’t know, sometimes it’s just what’s comfortable in the morning. And I’m a colourful person, so it’s all about what pops up in my closet on a daily basis.”