What extreme or unusual things do you do to help you study?


Peter Moore
First year
General Studies 

“Sometimes when I’m really desperate to learn information in a short amount of time, I’ll just sort of walk around my apartment with my textbook balanced on my head, and … the concentration of balancing this textbook on your head helps take the information from the textbook and puts it just directly into your brain.”


Sarah Brack
Fourth year

“Every four pages I read, I play two games of Tetris. There’s this thing called the Tetris effect — that’s when you play too much Tetris and you start to dream Tetris. You just see it all the time, and I unfortunately have that.”

Martlet: “How is effective is that?”

SB: “I’ve gotten to my fourth year so, I would say decently.”


Cam Giannotti
First year
Earth and Ocean Sciences (but switching into Geography) 

“I go swimming in the ocean with some friends between study sessions. It clears your mind completely, and then you’re just refreshed and good to go again.”

Martlet: “It’s not too cold?”

CG: “It’s kind of cold, but it’s not too bad.”