What should the UVSS focus on next year?



Karen White
Second year (on hiatus)
Social Sciences

There’s not a whole lot of notice about the different clubs that go on. Although there is Club Day, I don’t know how well known the student union makes that. I went here last year, and I didn’t know what was going on, really, not that I really put myself out there. If there’s stuff kind of more spread out, not just in the Student Union Building, but spread out in actual class buildings and classrooms, so people who might not necessarily care enough to come to the SUB to check out what’s going on could still see what catches their eye.


Hayden Toews
Third year
Financial Math

Everybody’s going to have to talk about the sustainability issue. I think some more important things are to stimulate the university’s total [gross domestic product] GDP, give the students the proper opportunities in that sense. Other than that, I think the UVSS should invest in their students and give them opportunities and attempt to create a green model for the university.


Kelsey Lee
Third year
Social Sciences, Pre-Business

We don’t really know exactly what they do. I feel like a lot of people might not. But I don’t want to be like, “You should just make yourself more well known.”


Kristen Kanes
Fourth year

I think that the UVSS, for things that it wants to spend lots of money on, should do more fundraising and less taking money from the entire population, even students who are graduating and won’t get to use what they’re spending their money on. And also, for fundraising events, one thing I noticed a lot in first year was there’s a lot of UVSS fundraising events that happen in 19-plus areas, and there’s a lot of students that that’s not accessible to, because they’re either not old enough to drink, or they suffer with alcoholism, or, you know, other reasons that they can’t go to drinking areas, when the event doesn’t have anything to do with alcohol, and is just a way to raise money. And I think that’s a really inefficient way to raise money if you’re making it inaccessible to a lot of people who would donate.


Dirk slot
Third year

One thing that [the UVSS] needs to improve over last year is, not big events, but small events. They need get more advertising out because, for instance, Clubs Days: there wasn’t a big turnout for that. There’s usually more emphasis on getting it happening, but not promoting it. ’Cause I know there was a low turnout for Clubs Days. But . . . it shouldn’t be that way. Just the simple things need to be promoted more than the big things. The big things will fall in.