What winter sports activity are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

Sports | Lifestyle

Chris Dudley
Fourth year


“I’m planning on hitting up Whistler with my brother. Or if I can’t do that, I hope to go up to [Mount Seymour] — catch a bus up there. It will be nice to get back on some real snow, unlike Mount Washington.”


Derek Wiggins

Third year
Philosophy and Business

“Definitely skiing. I’m big into skiing. I’m from North Vancouver, so I’ll go up Grouse Mountain. I have a season pass for there — try to get as many days as I can there over the break. Hopefully they have enough man-made snow because they never have enough real stuff. I’ll definitely watch the World Junior hockey tournament as well. It will be nice to see some hockey.”


Katie Hikida
Fourth year
Environmental Studies and Geography

“I don’t actually have a lot of snow-related sporting activities planned for the winter break. I enjoy playing NHL (video game) with my buddies, and I will watch some curling if it is on. I always cheer for Kevin Martin.”


Graeme Barber
Fourth year

“I’m looking forward to World Junior hockey come Boxing Day. With the lockout, I am missing hockey. I’ll probably shred some powder up at Whistler this break.  If it snows in Vancouver, I’ll try to go tobogganing with my cousins.”