What’s the Martlet afraid of?

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In the spirit of Halloween, the Martlet staff has compiled a brief list of our worst fears and phobias. All we ask is that you use this information for educational purposes only, and not as a means to terrify and frighten us. 

Leone Brander, Design Director: Sea monsters, germs, haunted house attractions

Alex Coates, Business Manager: Mirrors in the dark. And leprechauns. And eyeballs. And champagne corks.

Anna Dodd, Assistant Editor: Earthquakes, global warming, spiders, rollercoasters, breaking my neck, spiders

Kaitlyn Kokoska, Staff Writer: Heights, falling into water, boat propellers, deer antlers

Jennifer Landrey, Assistant Editor: Bees. Spiders. Basements. Getting stuck in an elevator. And E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial — he can STAY home.

Cormac O’Brien, Staff Writer: The twigs that you use to give a snowman hands. It was a fever dream, OK? Stop judging me.

Alistair Ogden, Staff Writer: Spiders, sharp objects, America

Myles Sauer, Editor-in-Chief: Despite never being stung, I haven’t quite shaken my irrational childhood fear of bees. Oh, and that scene where Bilbo’s face goes all scary in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Belle White, Photo Editor: Rodents. Diseases. Getting a shot, but not needles in general, funnily enough.