What’s this? A Photo Blog?


As Martlet photo editor, I don’t really write much, but after a few proverbial glasses of wine one night, I thought it would be a good idea to start. I hope to cover a wide range of photo-related topics in this column. There will be technical posts about how I’ve made photos with multiple flashes and assistants as well as the times when I’ve nearly been decapitated by a soccer ball. I may speak to why I shot something a certain way, and I will definitely talk about my failings during shoots (and there are a lot of those). You may even see a volunteer write a guest post if they wish, because I’m certainly not the only one making pictures for the Martlet.

I hope that it will bring some clarity to what I do, and that it won’t bore the snot out of you. If you’re actually interested in my blathering, it could be a sign that you either need professional help or my email address, because I’d love for you to volunteer. Send your questions and comments to photo@martlet.ca. Offers of baked goods or surplus Nikon lenses are also acceptable.