Will you be changing your wardrobe for spring/summer? If so, how?

Culture Fashion

CUL_fashion Amanda Maclean


“I wear a lot of dresses already—so I’m basically just getting rid of the tights, which is perfect. I wear dresses and skirts year-long.”

Amanda Maclean


Second year

Wearing: Keds from Walmart, H&M skirt and bag, and Smart Set sweater.






CUL_fashion Chris Munro


“I wear the same thing all year long, so I’m not really changing anything I guess. My personal style comes from what I’ve seen and what I like.”

Chris Munro


First year 

Wearing: Vans, crew denim pants, Eddie Bauer socks, Value Village horse sweater, and a denim shirt from a thrift store.






CUL_fashion Sylvia Wan

“Not really. [My style is] mostly sweaters. I really do love sweaters. Knit, or, I’m not too sure—I’m not very good with fashion and what things are called.”

Sylvia Wan


Second year

Wearing: a hand-knitted scarf and other pieces from various unknown locations.