Would students benefit from more co-op funding?


Jonny Gentille
Fifth year Education

Yeah, I can see that benefitting students if more of them get hired on co-ops.



Alex Lam
First year Political Science

I’m only in first year, so I don’t know much about co-op. So, I don’t know, but I’d always assume that more funding is a good thing for students.

Martlet: Have you considered joining co-op yourself?

Yes, I’m definitely going to look into work terms in co-op once I kind of hit second year.


Gus Fowler
Second year Writing

Yes, I think so. It seems to me that the engineering faculty benefits from being integrated into their field of study while they’re actually studying it, and I think that that would be a great thing to do for every single faculty. I think that’s the way that education systems will operate in the future, and I think that UVic might as well become a leader in that now, because UBC is already doing it.

Editor’s note: One respondent requested that their quote and photo be retracted.