Young man talks to senior in locker room; senior uncomfortable


By Neil G. Rayzer

A local student has been reported as speaking unsolicited to an area senior in the change room of a local gym. According to sources, the elderly man, who declined to be interviewed, reportedly felt “uncomfortable” and “weirded out”, and was unclear why the young man – reportedly named Ben Dover- was speaking with him. A source close to the senior stated: “He’d just had a workout and was trying to feel the pump when he said some young dude, probably, like 20 or whatever, started asking stuff like, “Get in some good supersets?” and “That radio’s pretty loud, hey?””

Even after the man turned around to face the wall, the student allegedly continued talking to him, asking friendly questions like, “So, what’s the hot tub like today?” and “Can you hear the music over your headphones?” Eyewitnesses state that the student walked away after being ignored by the senior for an awkward period of time.

Darren Weaver from the Canadian Research Alliance Project states: “We’ve seen a steady increase over the last five years of men aged 16-24 trying to strike up friendly conversation with disinterested seniors minding their own business. These interactions generally include well-intended but vacuous questions accompanied by prolonged eye contact.”

It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether the student was wearing any clothing although experts on the matter suggest it’s unlikely.