Your final UVSS board meeting Tweetcap of 2018

Campus News

The UVSS board of directors spent a long time together (nearly 90 minutes to be exact) for their final meeting of 2018, and who can blame them? Besides the important policies and motions discussed, they won’t see each other until next year, after all.

Missing his trademark gavel, Director of Outreach and University Relations Pierre-Paul Angelblazer started off the meeting with a call for his prized possession before turning the stage over to Director of Events Noor Chasib for an acknowledgment of the territories.

The board echoed Chasib’s statement, and Kolin Sutherland, Native Students Union (NSU) representative, took over for his report.

Updating the board about the NSU’s plans for the upcoming Indigenous Resurgence month in the spring, Sutherland said he expects it to be their “biggest event in the school year,” and that the event will serve as a concrete opportunity for the university community to reflect upon and give thanks for the opportunities many take for granted in learning and studying on a campus formed on the unceded territory of the Songhees, Esquimalt, and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples.

Director of Finance and Operations Curtis Whittla then put forward an amendment to the agenda to include a swath of electoral policy motions.

After the motion passed unanimously, the board discussed a motion which would see a new face sit at the table. Isabella Lee, Director of Student Affairs, motivated Jasmine MacGregor as the new Feminist Collective/Third Space representative.

Lee also informed the board that the constituency organization would be temporarily changing their name back to ‘Third Space’ until a new name is decided upon after more consultation with students.

Other notable mentions from director and constituency organizations included Nathan Ponce of the Students of Colour Collective, who announced that a poetry workshop with local artist D’bi Young is in the works, and Whittla, who reminded board members of the renovations at Cinecenta that will be taking place in January.

The board then shifted their focus to Whittla’s amended portion of the agenda.

The motions would bring the roles of the Senior Electoral Officer (SEO) in line with other jobs within the student collective.

“It’s a lot of information, but actually very few changes,” Whittla said.

After the motions pertaining to electoral policy passed, Angelblazer temporarily relinquished his seat as chair to Chasib, so that Angelblazer could motivate the agenda for the upcoming UVSS Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) on Feb. 9 and propose a couple of motions.

Pulling out the long lost previously-mentioned gavel, much to the dismay of Angelblazer, Chasib pounded it multiple times on the table to assert his new dominance as temporary chair of the meeting.

Discussing changes to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO)’s responsibilities, and more name changes to different director titles, Angelblazer motivated the proposed idea of a ‘UVSS Supreme Court’ which will be voted on at the SAGM in February.

The proposed Arbitration Panel, a student-centric system of appeals, would act as a place for board members or directors to appeal decisions and where appeals can be placed specifically regarding elections or electoral policy. It would also serve as a check on the board of directors, said Angelblazer.

The panel would be comprised of three unbiased members—two external members and one student. Angelblazer said the UVic Arbitration panel would be a hybrid between two other student panels he studied in Canada and the United States.

With little discussion, the SAGM agenda was adopted and will be discussed in full in the new year.

Chasib then gave up his seat at the head of the table — and the gavel — to Angelblazer, who led the board through the final motions of the meeting.

After passing a couple of motions clarifying election spending requirements and third-party endorsements, the board moved in camera — otherwise known as the Martlet’s cue to leave.

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