Your Mar. 11 UVSS meeting Tweetcap

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Two new clubs ratified, Felicita’s black out blinds, and a $70 000 financial surplus announced in latest meeting

File photo by Belle White, Photo Editor.

A few days after the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS) elections ended, business carried on as usual as the current UVSS Board of Directors met in the Upper SUB lounge to discuss the goings on campus.

The meeting was short — lasting just under half an hour — but covered a lot of ground, with the announcement of two new clubs, a significant financial surplus, and new black out blinds to be installed in Felicita’s pub.

Following the approval of amendments to the agenda, Isabella Lee, Director of Student Affairs, was quick to congratulate Native Students Union (NSU) representative Kolin Sutherland-Wilson for being voted as a Director-at-Large for Hear UVic.

“I just wanted to congratulate Kolin Sutherland-Wilson for being on the board next year as a Director-at-Large, that’s very exciting!” Lee said, which sparked a chorus of applause among the current board members.

Afterwards, in her own board report, Lee announced the ratification of two new clubs. One will be formed around the topic of “Sustainable Development Goals” and another will focus on the Thai cuisine called “Satay”.

Moving to the main motions, Director of Finance and Operations Curtis Whittla first took the stage to talk about the electoral results and UVSS financial figures.

“As of the end of December, we are looking at about a $70 000 surplus,” said Whittla. “Which means if all else is equal, at the end of the year we will have an accumulated surplus for the first time in four years.”

Later in question period, Whittla discussed the surplus in more detail and said the excess money is a result of staff shortages and positions that have been hard to fill.  

Next, Whittla addressed another main motion, which would see money go towards installing a two-layer blind system for Felicita’s pub to help combat the heat in the summer.

Whittla said the two-layer blind system has worked well in other rooms in the Student Union Building — including the Michel Pujol room. Whittla asked the board to approve $12 000 that would be allocated from the Major Capital Account for the blinds upgrade in Felicita’s.

“It wouldn’t be that you put down all the black out blinds and you just pretend that it’s nighttime in the day or something,” said Whittla. “It would be like if the sun is blaring down on one window you put that blind down, but you still have the windows on the adjacent side open so you would still get that natural light through as well.

“This is something the staff at Fel’s have asked for.”

With a little discussion around the table, the motion passed and the board moved in camera to wrap up the meeting.

The next UVSS Board meeting will be on Mar. 25 at 6 p.m. in the Upper SUB Lounge. Readers can follow our live-tweet coverage here.