Your Nov. 5 UVSS board meeting Tweetcap

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A new ferry shuttle and $20 000 in renovations for Cinecenta

File photo by Belle White, Photo Editor.

With the end of daylight savings, 6 p.m. now feels like midnight — something that clearly had an effect on the Nov. 5 UVSS Board of Directors meeting as members sleepily trickled into the Vertigo lounge of the SUB.

The meeting lasted just over half an hour and was scheduled earlier than usual so that members who are also on the Senate could attend their Senate retreat.

After Director of Outreach and University Relations Pierre-Paul Angelblazer called the meeting to order, the Native Students Union (NSU) representative Kolin Sutherland-Wilson did an acknowledgement of the traditional territories that UVic resides on.

Next, the UVSS Advocacy Group representatives provided updates from their respective groups.

UVic Pride announced that they would be adding a bisexual and pansexual caucus to their schedule.

Director of Student Affairs Isabella Lee announced that a new board representative for Third Space (or the UVSS Feminist Collective) would hopefully be ratified soon. Until a new board representative is ratified, Lee will continue to speak on behalf of the group at board meetings.

Sutherland-Wilson told the board that the NSU have been studying the history of their own organization, and plan to reevaluate their mission statement in collaboration with Indigenous students on campus at an upcoming open house in the First Peoples House.

To conclude the updates, the Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) spoke about the good turn-out they’ve had at recent SSD events.

Following these updates, Lee, who also serves as the chair of the Clubs Council, recounted the council’s most recent meeting.

The meeting lasted over an hour, said Lee. They went through all of their policies and reviewed and edited the “irrelevant and silly” constitutions of certain clubs.

Director of Events Noor Chasib then discussed the shuttle service that has been planned for Friday, Nov. 9 to take students to the ferry terminal for Reading Break. He said that ticket sales were going very well.

Director of Finance and Operations Curtis Whittla was involved with two motions at the board meeting. The first motion involved his replacing Director-at-Large Tyler Arnold as chair of the Electoral Committee due to Arnold having a lot on his plate this semester.  The motion passed.

Whittla’s second motion was for the board to approve $20 000 to renovate Cinecenta. He explained that the money will come from the Capital Improvement Fund, which, even after accounting for this semester’s finances, still has about  $31 000. The money in the Capital Improvement Fund comes from student fees and must be spent on improvements, he said. 

The motion passed and the board moved to in camera.

The next UVSS board meeting will take place on Nov. 19 in the SUB Upper Lounge.