Your Oct. 29 UVSS board meeting Tweetcap

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Stock photo of the SUB, by Belle White, Photo Editor.

The Oct. 29 UVSS Board meeting was a cheerful affair, as representatives, Directors-at-Large, and Lead Directors joked with each other and filled their plates with dinner. Ahead of them lay important motions such as changing the date of the Semi-Annual General Meeting next semester and overhauling the SUB Business Marketing Committee’s purpose and duties in the UVSS Board of Directors policy.

The meeting began with reports from Student Union representatives.

Isabella Lee, Director of Student Affairs, spoke on behalf of the UVSS Feminist Collective. She reported that they are in the process of hiring a new coordinator, and that they are clearing out storage space and will have loads of menstrual products to give away.

Next there was a report from Kolin Sutherland-Wilson, the Native Students Union representative.

This term, the NSU is planning on open house at the First People’s House in late November, and collaborations with Indigenous professors during Indigenous Resurgence month that will result in a podcast.

“Keep tuned,” said Sutherland-Wilson.

Lee reported again for the Clubs Council, speaking animatedly about the meeting coming up on Nov. 5 where they will be making policy changes.

Lee’s final report was for the Course Union Council, where she stated that “policy amendments [are also] coming their way,” and that it would be “pretty revolutionary stuff.”

She explained that some policy “hasn’t been touched since 2016 so it’s pretty much in the dark ages.”

“I’ve gotten lots of feedback that people don’t like our policy, don’t like the way I’m doing things, so we’re going to change this stuff out,” said Lee.

A particularly exciting moment of the meeting came when Director-at-Large Tyler Arnold mentioned the Martlet and our recent coverage of faculty representatives.

“I’m sure we all saw the collection of op-eds or articles or whatever you want to call them in the Martlet where we’re looking at changing up faculty representation on the board itself here.”

Arnold said that the board would be meeting soon to discuss the possibility of instituting Faculty Directors on the UVSS board. The board had previously tried to have this passed during the UVSS Annual General Meeting on Oct. 11, however without quorum this special motion could not even be discussed.

Shortly after this, Director-at-Large Jordan Gilson motioned to recess for 10 minutes so that the board’s annual statutory declarations could be signed.

“Oh look at that,” said Pierre-Paul Angelblazer, Director of Outreach and University Relations, as he banged his gavel. “Looks like the meeting is called back to order.”

Angelblazer relayed a report from Outreach and Engagement about the referendum debate.

The referendum debate had to be postponed because participants “on certain ends of the political spectrum” were not communicating with the board as to whether they would participate or not until it was too late. The referendum debate will still take place, but on Nov. 16 instead of the Nov. 6.

During question period, The Martlet asked the Board to explain what was being struck from the old SUB Business Marketing Committee policy.

Curtis Whittla, Director of Finance and Operations, responded: “Everything under the purpose, and everything under the duties.”

The main motivation for editing the SUB Business Marketing Committee policy document, said Whittla, was to “refocus” it on three areas: strategic planning, collaborative marketing, and management of the SUB brand through the graphics department.

Previously the purpose and duties listed in the document were too comprehensive given the amount of staff dedicated to this area.

Next up was Noor Chasib, Director of Events, introduced a motion to move the UVSS SAGM to Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019 at 2 p.m. in the Vertigo lounge of the SUB. Chasib invited Angelblazer to explain further.

Angelblazer explained how the last SAGM had not met quorum for very long. In an effort to address this issue for the SAGM in the new year, the board had studied some characteristics of previous SAGMs.

They saw that “the last meeting that had made quorum all the way through … happened to be on a Wednesday.”

Angelblazer admitted that just because a previous meeting that was held on a Wednesday had met quorum, future meetings aren’t guaranteed to achieve the same results. But, he said, it’s worth a try.

After another brief motion by Whittla, the Board moved to in camera, which meant it was time for the Martlet to leave.  

The next UVSS board meeting will be on Monday, Nov. 5 at 6 p.m. in the Vertigo lounge of the SUB.