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Nominations and finances topped the agenda for final meeting before AGM

File photo of Vertigo Lounge, by Cormac O’Brien.

On the same night Canada’s federal party leaders squared off for two hours in a televised debate, the UVSS Board of Directors met in a much less feisty affair for over two hours in the first board meeting of October.  

After the Vertigo lounge, which was hosting a live stream of the debate, was cleared Director of Outreach and University Relations Jonathan Granirer called the meeting to order and tossed it over to Director-at-Large Kolin Sutherland-Wilson for the territorial acknowledgement.  

“Right now, we are on the territory of the Lekwungen peoples,” said Sutherland-Wilson. “They have many connections to the WSÁNEĆ, the Esquimalt, and many other nations all throughout this area. This land that we’re on right now was promised to those peoples through the Douglas treaties to be forever within their ability to gather food and use this land … I think it’s our duty to do what we can to help them realize that vision because this is the land their ancestors protected.”

With a few amendments, the board adopted the agenda and Granirer welcomed a presentation from the Peer Support Centre (PSC). 

Two representatives from the PSC — which reopened last week — walked the board through their mission statement, how they help students, and some demographics from users in the first week of their opening.

The reps highlighted that the PSC is meant to be a space for students to drop in and talk about their mental health issues with other students — most of whom are working towards becoming a counsellor after graduation.

Transitioning into announcements, the Food Bank wrote a call to directors for gently used cloth bags for a new bag bank initiative. 

Next, Director of Finance and Operations Dakota McGovern walked the board through the society’s finances.

After reports from directors, councils, and constituency organizations, the board moved into the main motions part of the agenda. On deck first was a motion from McGovern that recommended the 2018/19 audited financial statements be sent for approval at the UVSS Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Oct. 24. 

The purpose of doing this, McGovern said, is so students will have an opportunity to review the finances and understand the student society at the annual meeting later this month. It carried unanimously. 

The next motion, also from McGovern, would ask the board to approve spending of up to $60 000 from the Major Capital Fund to renovate Cinecenta’s drapes and masking. McGovern then walked the board through what the Major Capital Fund is, and there was some discussion if the money would be worth investing in Cinecenta.

Eventually the motion carried. 

The third motion of the day asked for nominations to be opened for one member to be elected to the University President & Vice Chancellor Search Committee. After three individuals were nominated — Director of Events Shay lynn Sampson — Director-at-Large Caelen Cook, and current Law student Sara Maya Bhandar, the board voted through a secret ballot. 

After a five minute recess, and approaching the two hour mark of the meeting, the votes were tabulated and Sampson was nominated to the committee.

With that, the board then quickly opened two more nominations for committees, and the evening quickly drew to a close as the board moved in camera — otherwise known as the Martlet’s cue to hit the road. 
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