Bento Sushi and Booster Juice coming to UVic

UVic is set to fundamentally alter the way University Food Services operates with the addition of two independently owned food chains on campus. In a notice published by the Ring on Monday, July 11, UVic announced that Canadian chains Booster Juice and Bento Sushi will be coming to Mystic Market and Cadboro Commons, respectively. Both… Read more »

UVic students can’t get enough of ‘Pokémon GO’

Pokémon GO may not technically be available in Canada just yet, but that hasn’t stopped dedicated UVic trainers from downloading the app and hitting campus in search of Pokémon anyway. A quick primer in case your social media has been filled people referencing a property you haven’t paid any mind since 1998: Pokémon GO is… Read more »

Local author encourages Canadians to take part in reconciliation

One year ago, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) released its summary report outlining the steps needed for Canada to properly reconcile with First Nations peoples. But in the time since, how many Canadians have actually read it? B.C. author Jennifer Manuel challenged Canadians to do just that this summer by starting the… Read more »

EDITORIAL: It’s better to break walls than build them up

On June 23, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in the Brexit referendum, a landmark decision that sent shockwaves throughout the world, and has left an entire nation in the midst of an identity crisis. Many Leave voters based their decision on the premise — albeit a shaky one — that doing so would close UK… Read more »

I refuse to be a target

This article was originally published in The Manitoban, the University of Manitoba’s student newspaper, on June 22, 2016. WINNIPEG — I had recently turned nineteen the first time I went to a gay club. I was in Berlin and I had come out to my friends and family not long before. In all honesty, I was incredibly… Read more »

Aces high: Soaring over Victoria in the Aluminum Overcast

In writing and editing for the Martlet, I come across stories of all sorts: a Vikes win here, interdepartmental squabbles there, stuff like that. But for the most part, things stay pretty grounded (despite our namesake’s inability to land properly). This made it all the more curious when we received a media invite from the… Read more »