Theatre SKAM’s bike ride delights

Satirical or childish, all the plays were fantastic in their own way. If you have never been to SKAM’s Bike Ride, it is well worth the experience and modest ticket price ($15 in advance or $20 on site). If you have been, then there’s no doubt you’ll be back.

Victoria Ska Fest: a love story

On the third night of the 15th annual Victoria Ska Fest, there was a moment that crystallized and reflected everything I’ve come to love about the festival.

Camosun president says her contract termination is ‘completely unjustified’

Note: This article originally appeared in the Nexus, the student newspaper of Camosun College.  We reported yesterday that Camosun College told current president Kathryn Laurin on June 20 that her contract was terminated as of September 1, 2014. While the details have remained confidential, Laurin told the Times Colonist later yesterday that she considers her dismissal “completely unjustified.” Camosun… Read more »

Stroke research spurs advances in care

Why are diabetics are more vulnerable to stroke damage than non-diabetics? According to UVic researchers, cancer drugs improve stroke recovery in mice, a promising breakthrough that will hopefully improve the recovery of stroke patients.

It’s not what you earn, it’s what you save

Jeffrey Schwartz is the executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada and president of the Credit Association of Greater Toronto. Well, you have probably been at your summer job for a little while now. Maybe you thought summer would be a nice break from school, but it’s been tough waking up early in… Read more »

Saving Rivers

“I died three times,” said a resident of Sungai Asap. “Once when we were forced off our land, once when our land was flooded, and once when we weren’t even paid fair compensation.”