A better way to handle uncomfortable topics

The controversial on-campus debate that took place on Nov. 14, “Abortion: Human Right, or Human Rights Violation?”, reminded me of the day I joined the Occupy Boston Movement. I was in Boston three years ago for a conference and used my free time to show solidarity with people affected by the U.S. economic downturn.

Meet Greg Pratt

Pratt is the current editor of Nexus magazine at Camosun College, but he began his career by writing band reviews. Being a part of the heavy metal music scene in Victoria at a young age, Pratt started, like so many of us, by writing what he knew.

Events Calendar: November 27– December 4

COMMUNITY   MOSS STREET WINTER MARKET No need for the winter blues when you can head down to Moss Street Market for some baked treats and local eats. Featuring year-round produce from farmers and the occasional surprise vendor, you can buy local all year round. The market is located indoors in the Garry Oak Room… Read more »

Roommate confessions

The shit-spiral that is roommate relationships Roommates, much like intimate relationships, can bring out the best and worst in us. Things usually start out great, honeymoonin’ and cooking dinner for one another, but disrespect is a delicate line to trod, especially in a house of six people. Some are more neurotic than others, and a… Read more »

A-List: 5 ways to beat end of term stress

Don’t sleep Sleeping takes valuable time away from looking over your notes. You can sleep when you are dead, which will probably be after you are done your exams. Plan ahead Don’t plan things like how to study all of the material you haven’t absorbed. It’s too late for that now. You have to start… Read more »