EDITORIAL: What the Martlet wants to see in 2017

With a new year comes new opportunities for reflection, and we’re not excluded from that. So what does the Martlet want to see more of this year? First, let’s see more engagement in student politics. While we try our best to inform students what’s going on with their elected representatives, and are always stoked when… Read more »

Why must the women’s basketball team play warm-up for the men?

If you ask me, the best part of a women’s basketball game at UVic is when it finishes. But my reasoning for that over-simplistic and intentionally facetious statement is most likely different than what you’d expect: I love the end of the women’s UVic basketball games because that’s when spectators actually arrive. If you’ve never… Read more »

Transit app update makes Victoria GO again

Historically, B.C. Transit busses have behaved like bad sexual partners, either coming too early or not com- ing at all. But in 2017, Victoria’s much beleaguered bus riders are in for a New Year’s upgrade. On Dec. 20 of last month, the Transit app released a new crowdsourcing feature that will allow riders to track… Read more »

STREETERS: How do you feel about UVic Food Services?

“It is pretty good in terms of quality but it is pretty expensive and some prices don’t make sense. So, for example, there was a sandwich for five bucks, and then the other breakfast sandwich that was directly above it was like seven dollars even though it comes with the same things . . …. Read more »

Long-distance learning

Make 2017 the year to say ‘yes!’ to studying abroad For those of us who are always daydreaming about exploring somewhere new, a semester abroad is a no-brainer: experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, meeting new people, and perhaps most importantly, getting to travel while earning university credits? What’s not to love? UVic boasts of… Read more »

Why I run 100 kilometres a week

“Why do you run?” is a question I frequently hear. My non-running friends think it’s torture, and when I tell them that I run 100 kilometers a week in the winter, their mouths drop. When I tell those same non-running friends that I balance my classwork with running for the UVic Varsity track team, they… Read more »

As 2016 fades, what’s next for Ryan Cochrane?

After winning bronze and silver medals in Beijing 2008 and London 2012 (respectively) in the 1500 metre freestyle, UVic’s most famous Olympic swimmer set his sights on gold in Rio, but came up short in sixth place. In an exclusive interview with the Martlet, conducted late last year, Ryan Cochrane reflects on his third summer… Read more »

Positive thinking in 2017

Gloomy January has never felt like the best time to have a fresh start. Even so, we are provided with an opportunity to grow into better humans. Instead of pontificating on the end of the world and how awful 2016 was, let’s focus on the year ahead! And then, when we reflect on 2017 a… Read more »