Martlet story submission — university mistakes

Come September, the Martlet will be publishing its annual Back-to-School issue. Traditionally, we provide helpful advice in an effort to tell people what to do in university. This year, though, we want to tell people what not to do. Do you have a horror story from university that could stop someone from making the same… Read more »

LETTER: Stop the poor-bashing culture in Victoria

I am getting so fed up with hearing the anti-homeless and poor-bashing rhetoric both in the news and from people writing hateful opinion pieces in local newspapers. Why do people in Victoria have such horrible things to say about poor and homeless folks? People seem to think that because they have a roof over their… Read more »

The benefits of horsing around

It’s a cold, brisk Friday morning at Echo Riding Stables in the outskirts of Victoria, British Columbia. Several horses are in the grass surrounding the stables, wrapped in blankets, waiting for their riders to show up for the day. The air smells of damp moss and farmlands and a rooster crows loudly in the background…. Read more »

UVSS Board considering embezzling money to raise student awareness of union

“If it worked for the SFUO, why can’t it work for us?” Late last week, shocking allegations were levelled at members of the University of Ottawa’s student union (SFUO), as two university newspapers reported that both the SFUO president and executive director had transferred $20 000 of student union money into a private business account. The… Read more »

Ring: Winner of the Martlet’s Summer Fiction Contest

Ring, by Marley Sterner: Fiction Winner of the Martlet’s Summer Writing Contest  Whenever my father wiped the kitchen counter, his wedding band scratched against the granite. I’d watched him clean in the mornings for so many years that even from my bed I could visualize the scene through sound alone. Sinatra seduced the bleached air, … Read more »

From dawn ‘til busk

The streets of Victoria are filled with two things — tourists and buskers. The latter are pretty interesting, it turns out On any given summer day, Alyssa Jean Klazek can be found dancing barefoot on the sidewalk of the inner harbour, guitar in hand. Busking keeps her on her toes — both literally and figuratively — as she pulls from her… Read more »

Lilia Zaharieva suits up for her next fight

B.C. cystic fibrosis patients file class-action lawsuit against the government After a year of campaigning, petitioning, and lobbying, UVic student Lilia Zaharieva has taken the next step against the provincial and federal governments in the hopes of improving accessibility of medicine for Canadians with cystic fibrosis (CF). On the afternoon of July 24, Zaharieva joined… Read more »

UVSS directors alter in camera policy at June 30 meeting

Board no longer required to include topics of discussion before moving to in camera After two weeks apart, the UVSS Board of Directors met on July 30 to discuss the purchase of new liquor guns for Felicita’s Campus Pub and amendments to in camera sessions during board meetings. The meeting kicked off with reports to… Read more »

Victoria to remove statue of John A. Macdonald

Statue could start coming down as soon as Saturday A little over a year since UVic removed the name of Joseph Trutch from one of its residency buildings, the City of Victoria took a similar step towards reconciliation this week. Mayor Lisa Helps announced on Aug. 8 that the city will propose the removal of… Read more »

From deep dives to home-run highs

Our interview with UVic alumnus and Vancouver Canadians GM JC Fraser For JC Fraser, an ex-Scuba diving instructor and UVic French History major, his journey into the sports business industry is a story that would likely would come out of a Hollywood filmmaker’s script. From applying to be a Vancouver Canadians summer intern because “it… Read more »