Hilltop Hoods won’t let you down

Sometimes at a music festival, you find yourself at a show so on point and fulfilling that it makes you question why people have jobs and do anything in life other than watch amazing live performances. Australian hip-hop group Hilltop Hoods provided one of those shows at Phillips Backyard on Saturday night. From entrance to… Read more »

BBQ Heaven at Esquimalt RibFest

As the 15x dropped me a very short walk around Country Grocer, the smell of mesquite smoke and grilled pork began to dominate the air around Bullen Park in Esquimalt. For any size donation, one can enjoy the competition as five great ribbers vie for the public’s votes on who will be the people’s favorite… Read more »

Seedy bread made simple

Baking bread is one of those things that you basically assume is impossible. You think it’s for people who have way too much time on their hands (or geniuses) and you hear horror stories about how your friend once tried to bake bread and it was basically a gluten-filled brick. I used to think that… Read more »

Fencing with The Force

Inside a fencing mask, the world disappears. The light of the room dims, eyes shielded by the tight cross-section of wire mesh that stretches around my face like a cage. Sounds slack off, as yells and cheers are reduced to muffles by the time they reach the ears. All that remains is the pumping of… Read more »

Academic Confessions: Outside looking in

The first few lines of my CV and biography say: “Samantha Tsuruda holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Psychology Major, from the University of Victoria. She is a consultant in Program Evaluation, and is currently a Master in Public Health Candidate at the University of British Columbia.”

Cup of lukewarm tap water declared world’s most powerful sanitizing agent

This story was originally published in The Peak, SFU’s student newspaper.  HUMOUR — In a move that could very well change the way in which humans deal with sanitation and sterilization, attendees of a Tight and Bright party last week have discovered the most efficient, fast-acting way of killing nearly every trace of bacteria on… Read more »

Story Booth unveils Victoria’s untold mythologies

Since May, artist-in-residence Aubrey Burke has transformed this cozy space into a hub for sharing personal narratives, oral histories, and contemporary mythologies from the Greater Victoria community.

New audience for spoken word poetry?

While the first Vike’s Men’s football game led to a loss against the UBC Thunderbirds, Jeremy Loveday’s spoken word poem “Masks Off: a Message to Men” scored with many in the crowd.