• Barn


    By Stephanie Tiede—Winner of the 2015 Annual Fiction Contest
  • Bidet

    Flushing away the career change malaise

    See, I’m a big believer in attainable goals, and while I might want to start the next Radiolab or Serial someday, I just want to get this bidet toilet seat installed.
  • Evie

    Meet Evie: my creepy, dumb friend

    Imagine talking to someone about Lady Gaga, and then they say, “That is not a show. It’s. A. Book.” And then they wink at you. And there’s a long pause. And then they smile and nod.
  • PanAm

    Canada hits the podium at Pan Am Games

    Despite the second-place finish, the 2015 games were the most successful for Canadian athletes in the history of the games, with records being broken left, right, and centre.
  • Pluto

    NASA probe sets sights on Pluto and beyond

    On July 14, NASA’s New Horizons probe made its closest approach to Pluto, marking the culmination of years of research, planning, and space flight. Like sailor’s tales of newly discovered lands, the crisp images of Pluto’s surface have captured our imaginations.

Fringe Fest: Shakespeare gets ‘wyrd’

I never thought that William Shakespeare’s plays would be told well through contemporary dance and collective movement theatre, but in the case of DamnSpot Theatre’s production of The Wyrd Sisters, I was proved wrong. DamnSpot Theatre is based in Victoria and founded by Alannah Bloch, a UVic Theatre alumni. Her mission in bringing this group… Read more »

Fringe Fest: Fallout leaves a mark

“Who would you bring to the end of the world?” and “What’s with the grapefruits?” aren’t questions you’d normally hear together, or questions you’d hear at all. But Markus Spodzieja and Jenson Kerr are hoping they’re the kind of questions that’ll draw you to Fallout, which opened Friday, Aug. 28 as part of the 2015… Read more »

Fringe Fest: Two has us seeing double

The Martlet recently spoke with Two’s Kat Taddei and Colette Habel ahead of the show’s premiere. You can read it here. This review does contain some spoilers.  As I previously wrote in my preview for Two, a play created by a myriad of students from UVic and elsewhere, I wasn’t sure how parallel universes would work into… Read more »

An open letter to the UVSS Board of Directors

Dear Board of Directors, On Aug. 24, I attended what was presumed to be a regularly scheduled board meeting, which are held, according to the UVSS website, “twice a month on Mondays at 6:00 pm in the SUB Upper Lounge.” The Martlet attends these meetings as a way to keep students — your membership — informed of the board’s… Read more »

UVic duo team up for Fringe Festival debut

At this year’s Victoria Fringe Festival, two shows called Two will take the stage. The humour of this coincidence isn’t lost on Colette Habel and Kat Taddei, respectively the director and writer of one of the Twos. If it sounds confusing, Habel and Taddei aren’t worried. The two Twos play in different venues and offer… Read more »

Board of Directors negotiates capital expenditures

The UVSS Board of Directors convened for an emergency meeting on Aug. 18 to address motions that were left unaccounted for during last week’s meeting on Aug. 10, including the adoption of an amended Excluded Management Policy to account for the new executive director position. The board also approved a motion to adopt a new… Read more »

Pride referendum stirs up debate at board meeting

Emotions were running high in the SUB Upper Lounge on Aug. 10, as the UVSS Board of Directors discussed a referendum that would ask students for approval of a fee increase for UVic Pride. Other business on the agenda included filling the usual committee vacancies, amendments to the UVSS Disability, Excluded Personnel, and Finance and… Read more »

CCPA study on gender gap garners praise and skepticism

Victoria is celebrating earning the top ranking in a study documenting the best and worst places to be a woman in Canada, published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) in July. The study, written by CCPA Senior Researcher Kate McInturff, scored 25 major cities based on economic security, leadership, health and well-being, criminal,… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Let the games begin

On Sunday, Aug. 2, Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the Governor General’s office to officially dissolve Parliament and begin the 42nd federal election campaign. With the election set for Oct. 19, that makes for 78 days of campaigning — the longest in our country’s history since 1872. That’s a very long time — especially since it feels like we’ve… Read more »