UVSS board shorts: Oct. 20

Grant fund allocations, a vote to censure a director, and updates on lobbying and advocacy efforts.

A letter that’s not meant to suggest anything

Yes, it is true that you are smarter than the professor. It becomes blatantly obvious when you recite back the exact thing they just said in more . . . eloquent language.

David Suzuki sows grassroots support for food security

The David Suzuki virtual classroom got off to a bit of a late start on Oct. 6 as over a dozen spectators waited patiently at Cinecenta to hear his insights. Suzuki was lecturing on sustainable food production as part of a panel that included co-author of The 100 Mile Diet J.B. MacKinnon, and food justice… Read more »

Following Brian’s Bliss

I have a confession to make: I wasn’t one of Brian Hendricks’ better students. I didn’t film the outside of his house in the dead of night and drop the film in the mailbox to get an A. In fact, I used to heckle him, and honestly, he gave as good as he got. I… Read more »

Burlesque: more than meets the eye

Though the burlesque of yore is rare, it is still very much alive. On Oct. 4, the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue performed a show at the Roxy to mark their upcoming trip to Europe.

Ali Funk in profile

While wearing her Team Canada gear in New Caledonia, Funk wasn’t just training: she was fulfilling a dream.

Marianne Alto strives to find balance in her community

Meeting in her campaign office on a rainy Saturday afternoon, Marianne Alto pulls out a platform pamphlet after about 10 minutes and says, “I’m going to do something that politicians rarely do; here’s what I said I was going to do [last campaign]. Now let’s review.” As she is happy to point out, Alto froze… Read more »

New Caribou album simply indispensable

“Can’t Do Without You” has only been around for a couple of months, but it already feels like one of the best songs of the decade.

Opposing pipelines

In the aftermath of any major environmental disaster, it is crucial to look back and figure out if any human errors contributed to its occurrence, and use this knowledge to prevent future disasters. We, the voices of B.C., have a distinct opportunity to learn from the errors of others as we stare the $5 billion… Read more »