LNG to reduce B.C. Ferries’ fares: It’s just going to take a while

On Sept. 22, B.C. Ferries proposed the conversion of its two Spirit-class vessels, the Spirit of Vancouver Island and the Spirit of British Columbia, to dual-fuel engines, which would allow the vessels to run on diesel and liquefied natural gas (LNG), drastically cutting fuel costs and reducing the upward pressure on customer fares.

Cooking show teaches students how not to starve

UVic’s orientation committee will be releasing “How Not to Starve,” a segmented cooking show on their events orientation app and YouTube channel from Sept 29 – Oct. 3 as part of Health & Wellness Week, the fifth week of UVic orientation. Committee member Naima Salemohamed wants to show students “how easy it is to make… Read more »

Five important lessons you learn from riding the bus

1. MANY ITEMS GAIN HUMAN STATUS AND CAN TAKE UP SEATS This can include books, backpacks, and passengers’ lattés. 2. SEATBELTS AREN’T A CONCERN WHEN YOU ARE LARGE AND NEVER BRAKE FOR YELLOW LIGHTS 3. BUSES ARE ALL-KNOWING, SENTIENT BEINGS THAT ARE ALSO JERKS They know when you are running late and go faster so… Read more »

Felicita’s turns up for rap

On Sept. 26, Felicita’s hosted a hip hop show featuring local talent: Downtown Mischief, Pigeon Hole, and Sweatshop Union from Vancouver. I’m relatively naïve to hip hop, but generally focus on forward-thinking artists who provoke emotion through the lyrics they spit.

Canucks seek fresh start with new players, coaches

Yes, it’s that time of year again. After three long days without it in your living rooms, on your home pages, or guided down your throat with all the compassion of a bridge troll, hockey season is back. Most importantly, let us examine the franchise most responsible for local cases of high blood pressure and… Read more »

What’s not funny?

Periodically, I laugh when another student makes a blatantly obvious comment in class, a comment so primal and basic, that it appears erroneous to state such an ‘insight’ at all. Am I a dick for laughing? I don’t think so.

Piva in profile

Second-year women’s field hockey goalkeeper Larissa Piva joined the UVic varsity team with extensive experience in competitive sports. In high school, Piva was the goalkeeper for her school’s provincial bronze medal-winning soccer team. She also won a provincial gold medal in wrestling and sampled many other sports including volleyball, kickboxing, and karate.

How Scotland voted with their wallets and stayed within the U.K.

A historic referendum on the future of Scotland took place on Sept. 18, when Scots rejected the idea of forming their own country, opting to stay within the United Kingdom. In the end, the result wasn’t near the razor-thin result we in Canada are used to in sovereignty referenda; Scotland sent a clear message of displeasure to both 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.

Meat and Bread offers exactly that, and then some

You might wonder just how good such a simple concept can be. A few slabs of protein between two pieces of carb can only be so tasty, right? Chef Joe Sartor can prove you wrong. After a long-anticipated wait, Meat and Bread’s Victoria location is finally open for business.