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Personal Paradise: Sombrio Beach

Sombrio Beach is one of many beautiful beaches along the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, a B.C. provincial park. Getting there isn’t necessarily quick or easy, but the easy hike down to the beach, amazing surf, and secluded waterfall are well worth the drive and effort.

Personal Paradise: Cordova Bay

These were taken the Cordova Bay beach, off the Agate Lane access road. This is a glorious, long beach, with lots of sand to walk on at low tide and nice little coves like the one we were standing near when he proposed.

Five tips for staying organized

If you’re a student—and even if you’re not—it becomes increasingly difficult to prioritize your time and attention when classes, labs, tutorials, coursework, assignments, a job, chores, and maintaining relationships all require time and energy. At times, the pressures and commitments of student life and home life seem impossible to balance. The stress of school or… Read more »