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Bad Date Confessions: Volume Three

I was in my first year at UVic, and I was going on only the second or third date I’d ever been on in my life. He picked me up in his car and the small talk was easy and flirty. I was feeling good about the whole thing; he seemed like a keeper. We… Read more »

I was the token straight person at the Museum of Sex *NSFW*

This story uses aliases to protect the identities of those involved.  In downtown New York, the Museum of Sex (MoSex) draws in thousands of visitors annually, all curious to learn more about human sexuality. Four of my queer, beautiful friends wanted to go. I decided to join them. C was already shrieking before I was at the… Read more »

Bad Date Confessions: The Sequel

The worst date I’ve been on was with a guy I met at a Halloween party. He was the nerdy type, and he offered to take me to see the new Thor movie. On the day of our date, we met up and took the bus downtown to the theatre. Small talk on the bus… Read more »

An open letter to UVic Pride

Dear University of Victoria Pride Collective, Yours was the first Pride Collective I felt drawn to be a part of. Your members, location, funding, and overall presence is much more impressive than I’ve seen with other Gay-Straight Alliances and Pride Collectives. Above all, your team was the biggest draw for both my partner and myself,… Read more »

Bad date confessions

There are plenty of ways a date can go bad. We’ve decided to share some anonymous stories from writers about how their hot dates got put on ice.

Roommate confessions

The shit-spiral that is roommate relationships Roommates, much like intimate relationships, can bring out the best and worst in us. Things usually start out great, honeymoonin’ and cooking dinner for one another, but disrespect is a delicate line to trod, especially in a house of six people. Some are more neurotic than others, and a… Read more »

Roommate confessions

Got any quarrels or qualms from roommates past or present? Maybe you want to get something off your chest. Send them to We can print 500-word stories or quick anecdotes under 150 words. Names are changed and author’s identities are kept private.