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Dirt bag geniuses: How planting trees gives artists room to grow

Around springtime in B.C, you’ll find a surplus of artists in the forest. Are they identifying mushrooms and getting naked? Possibly, but they’re mainly there to plant trees, millions of trees. Replenishing cut blocks after logging season is one of the most lucrative and effective ways to survive as a “starving artist” in today’s increasingly… Read more »

Events Calendar April 14–April 28

ART I Thought I Was the Only One Concocted by Kerri Flannigan and the Youth of Island Sexual Health, this collaborative show has been in the works for six months. Art illuminates identity-forming coming-of-age themes and rites of passage, and 13 animated stories will humorously address empowerment, angst, consent, period parties, body hair, and other… Read more »

Want to join the Mild High Club?

Mild High Club may have cancelled the Victoria stop of their West Coast tour, but I got a chance to chat about upcoming projects and other neat things with the man behind the music, Alex Brettin, from his home in L.A. Mild High Club’s 2015 album, Timeline, is Brettin’s latest work, and as he consistently… Read more »

The Zolas set out in raw, new direction

While speaking on the phone with the Martlet, the Zolas vocalist Zachary Gray was frequently interrupted by all the excitement of the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Between location changes and talk of free booze before noon, he managed to eloquently answer questions in advance of the Zolas show in Victoria on April… Read more »

Events Calendar: March 31–April 14

ART Synoptic Media Festival The festival includes film screenings, media workshops, and student-made creations. Tuesday features a film screening and presentation at 1 p.m. At 6:30 p.m., seven Applied Ethnographics film students will showcase their short films. Wednesday features workshops in the Visual Lab. David Lam Auditorium and Cornett Visual Lab B237, UVic Tuesday, Apr…. Read more »

What’s to come of the Ghomeshi case?

The controversial sexual assault case against Jian Ghomeshi is set to reach a verdict on March 24. Regardless of the result, what can society learn from the case? Let’s break down the basics. Three complainants have testified against Ghomeshi on allegations of sexual assault. An additional woman provided further documentation during the trial in support… Read more »

Local artist carves a space for memorializing women

UVic will soon be home to a towering sculpture, carved from cedar, honouring murdered and missing indigenous women. The Martlet spoke with its sculptor, Rande Cook, about raising awareness of indigenous issues in Canada, and the role of art in society. “It’s our voice,” Cook says. “It’s important to create from a place that [encourages]… Read more »

Events March 17–31

ART Vic Slam [Poetry] Think you’re a poet? Join the competition and prove it. There are 12 slots up for grabs, and you’ll get three minutes to perform before an audience and judges. The top five go on to the second round where we find out who will be crowned the night’s mega-awesome, ultra-talented Slam… Read more »

Harm reduction remains divided on campus

Following a string of overdoses late last year, the City of Victoria is looking to reduce deaths from drug overdose by implementing a safe injection site sometime before 2017. But what harm reduction strategies are currently in place at UVic? According to Director of UVic Health Services Judith Burgess, UVic Administration does not have a… Read more »

Events March 3–17

ART Marbling with Claire Ryder Join Claire Ryder as she demonstrates the ancient art of marbling: painting colours atop thickened water. The results are intricate, vivid, and natural, and the technique mimics water flow. The clearly defined movements of colour transfer cleanly onto paper or fabric. Participants will bring home one marbled fabric piece and… Read more »