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A chat with Fox Glove

The UVic-based band grows in size, reach, and confidence with a new record due later this year A few hours before I spoke to Fox Glove, they kicked off Sunday at Rock the Shores on the mainstage as an eight-piece outfit with drums, guitars, and a string section. Just ten minutes before I spoke to… Read more »

Nominations open for great post-secondary teacher accolade

National Teaching Fellowship is Canada’s most prestigious recognition for educators Whether they buy the class a drink at the end of the semester, never dock marks for late submissions, or understand how to work the classroom computers, we all have our favourite professors from university. Now you can help that professor be recognized for their… Read more »

Here’s what you missed at UVic this summer

But I’m sure the cottage at the lake was nice Pipeline protests If you missed this story, I envy how secluded your summer must have been. In what became international news, the federal government purchased the Trans Mountain pipeline from Texas oil company Kinder Morgan, for a price upwards of $4 billion. Victorians took to… Read more »

Letter from the (outgoing) Editor: a long-overdue farewell

When writing heartfelt goodbyes, people typically start with a “As [important job position] of [company with a terrible, stuffy name], people always ask me . . . ” Unfortunately I can’t do that, because as Editor-in-Chief of the Martlet, no one ever really asked me about the stuff I did here. Instead, I spent a lot of time asking… Read more »

Here’s how to kick-off the new school year

UVSS hosts week of activities starting Wednesday Sept. 5 There will be plenty of reasons to step into the Student Union Building (SUB) during your time as a UVic student — maybe you need your fourth coffee of the day, you need to print a 20-page essay before class in 10 minutes, or you’re attending a student… Read more »

UVSS seeks to rebrand with new strategic plan

Thirty-page document illustrates student society’s direction for the next two years At the UVSS’s Board of Directors meeting on Monday, Aug. 13, there wasn’t much time spent discussing the 2018–2020 Strategic Plan (StratPlan, if you’re cool): a document that outlines current strengths, weaknesses, and future objectives for the students’ society. But the 36-page document is… Read more »

Air quality concerns cancel Men’s Soccer openers in Prince George

Cancellation follows new Canada West policy prohibiting games played in unsafe smoke conditions As wildfire smoke continues to blanket the skies of the Pacific Northwest, the UVic Men’s Soccer team have postponed their first two regular season matches against the UNBC Timberwolves in Prince George due to concerns with air quality. The Vikes and Timberwolves… Read more »

Zap Copy and SUBText revamp underway with new budget approvals

Aug. 13 UVSS Board meeting recap Some hefty sums were thrown around at the latest UVSS Board meeting, as the Board of Directors (BoD) approved major technical purchases for Zap and SUBText while also approving a new Strategic Plan and amending Clubs and Course Union policies. With the Executive Director away and without any advocacy… Read more »

Martlet story submission — university mistakes

Come September, the Martlet will be publishing its annual Back-to-School issue. Traditionally, we provide helpful advice in an effort to tell people what to do in university. This year, though, we want to tell people what not to do. Do you have a horror story from university that could stop someone from making the same… Read more »

UVSS Board considering embezzling money to raise student awareness of union

“If it worked for the SFUO, why can’t it work for us?” Late last week, shocking allegations were levelled at members of the University of Ottawa’s student union (SFUO), as two university newspapers reported that both the SFUO president and executive director had transferred $20 000 of student union money into a private business account. The… Read more »