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Student club connected to an organization accused of cult-like activities

It started with a seemingly innocuous newspaper article. In January 2016, the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) published a column in the Nexus — Camosun’s independent student newspaper — listing off a number of extra-curricular clubs for students to join. But when someone commented on the article accusing one of the clubs of cult-like activities, Greg Pratt, managing editor of… Read more »

MLA hosts Bill 23 discussion at UVic

On May 4, Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head, hosted a town hall at UVic to discuss Bill 23 and how universities across British Columbia should deal with sexualized and gender-based violence. It was a rare opportunity for students and the general public to air out concerns and considerations around how to deal with… Read more »

The Martlet Podcast—Episode 3

Who the hell cares what critics have to say? Well, Carl Wilson, music critic for Slate and Billboard and UVic Writing’s 2016 Southam Lecturer, might. We caught up with Wilson and talked about the role of criticism in today’s democratized internet culture.

Hometown Hero: Chatting with Aidan Knight

Getting in touch with Aidan Knight is no easy feat. Not that that’s his fault — after finally getting through to him after four straight hours of countless missed calls and voice messages, Knight explains that his phone is on the fritz. And in true Canadian style, the first thing he does is apologize. Knight, a singer-songwriter,… Read more »

Journal launch celebrates UVic undergraduate writing

Writing is a solitary art — as a writer, I know that we, by nature, are shy, introverted creatures, often appearing only at night and very rarely in groups of more than three. But if there’s one thing that This Side of West knows, it’s that great things happen when you give writers a space to unite…. Read more »

Seen but not heard

How one student’s experience demonstrates gaps in assault policy The University Centre washrooms at the University of Victoria are among the last places most people would turn to for comfort, but Emma Cotterill found herself with nothing but dirtied porcelain to comfort her as she stood panicking about her situation. Despite being found guilty of sexual… Read more »

Student arrested for sexual assault won’t be charged

A University of Victoria student who was arrested on five counts of sexual assault will not face criminal charges after Crown Counsel decided not to approve them on Thursday, April 7. The Crown’s decision cited a lack of sufficient evidence and no substantial likelihood of conviction. The student was originally slated to appear in court… Read more »

Streeters: April Fool’s Day

What April Fool’s Day pranks have you pulled off, or been victim of? No, I’ve never pulled a prank. I really like the idea of April Fool’s Day. I like the concept of fun, elaborate pranks. I could just never come up with, or execute anything good. If you had to a pull off a… Read more »

Mexico brings the heat at World Cup qualifier

Soccer really does bring people together. The World Cup qualifier between Canada and Mexico on March 25th was no exception, with drunken fans of both teams joining arms and voices after the match had finished to proclaim their hatred for a mutual enemy: “Fuck Trump!” That hatred was the sum total of match antagonism, with… Read more »