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Why Halloween sucks

I step onto my bus. Wearing my fashionable but normal set of clothes, I turn to decide where I should sit — a treacherous decision at the best of times. Unfortunately for me, this is the worst of times. All around me are the garish reminders of something I would much rather have forgotten — it’s Halloween. A man… Read more »

Vikes rugby drains James Bay dry

The Vikes men’s rugby team maintained their perfect start to the season under the lights at Centennial Stadium on Friday night, Oct. 16, beating James Bay AA by a score of 41-22. James Bay, who fall to a 1-3 record in the season, were undone by their inability to penetrate the Vikes’ defense often enough,… Read more »

Local authors speak to the wild in all of us

Lorna Crozier and Brian Brett have a lot to say. In an interview with the two authors, the discussion ranges from dancing with parrots, to Nietzsche, to the dialects of whales. That being said, it may come as a surprise that the two authors never once went off topic — these subjects and more feature in Crozier… Read more »

Selkirk Saints give Vikes the cold shoulder

In their first home game of the 2015-2016 British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League season last Friday night, the Vikes lost 5-2 to the Selkirk College Saints. The Vikes were the victims of sloppy possession in their own zone as well as an incredible performance from visiting goaltender James Prigione, who saved 33 shots out of… Read more »

NASA and nutjob confirm water, space cows on Mars

In a stunning media release last week, scientists at NASA — and a conspiracy theorist from Victoria — have announced that the red planet may be less barren than was once previously believed. On Wednesday, Sept. 28, NASA confirmed that the MRO — Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter — had found traces of liquid water on the surface of Mars; and, in a separate statement,… Read more »

Voting made easy for students this election

In an effort to encourage voting amongst UVic students, the UVSS have introduced This Year We’re Voting, an initiative running from Oct. 5–8, involving advanced voting booths inside the Student Union Building for students wishing to cast ballots for the upcoming federal election. The program was created last year for the municipal election, but is… Read more »

Vikes hold strong in lead up to CARSA opener

The Vikes women’s rugby and the men’s field hockey teams made their competitive home debuts last weekend, and, in addition to games for the men’s rugby team and both the men’s and women’s soccer teams, the men’s golf team finished their expedition south of the border to compete in the Western Washington Invitational Tournament. The… Read more »

Vikes in review: soccer, rugby, and golf in full swing

With four sports now fully underway, it was a largely positive weekend for the Vikes, with the men’s and women’s soccer teams winning matches, the men’s rugby team brushing aside local competition, men’s golf performing well at their first invitational of the season, and the women’s field hockey team sweeping their close rivals to start… Read more »

Vikes record holds strong with 3-0 victory

History repeated itself at Centennial Stadium, as the Vikes men’s soccer team beat the University of Northern B.C. for the seventh time in a row, and by a score of 3-0. Vikes players Cam Hundal, Keevan Webb, and Craig Gorman scored for UVic, in a game that never looked out of the home team’s control…. Read more »