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Editorial: The final dose

Lethal injections are a strange balancing act; they combine the willingness to kill with the desire to do so nicely. It’s this latter half of the equation which leads states into trouble. How much consideration is owed to the man (executions being predominantly reserved for men of colour) declared more valuable dead than alive? While… Read more »

Editorial: Something gold should stay

While Apple CEO Tim Cook spent a lot of time detailing the features and benefits of the Apple Watch, highlighting the materials used in the regular and Sport models, he glossed over the headline-grabber: the solid gold Apple Watch Edition. Maybe it’s because Apple didn’t want to highlight the huge amount of gold required to… Read more »

Editorial: The driving cause of student debt

In the eyes of the Clark government, students are a whiny bunch. They get their impractical, useless arts degrees, then live off the hard, honest work of their parents (who smartened up and pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps) or the government. The latest furor over B.C.’s proposal to stop issuing drivers licenses to… Read more »

Privy to privies

A number of SFU students are currently petitioning to turn a percentage of multi-stall washrooms on campus into gender-inclusive ones.

Editorial: Privy to privies

A number of SFU students are currently petitioning to turn a percentage of multi-stall washrooms on campus into gender-inclusive ones. On Feb. 18, protesters also staged a “shit-in”, where activists sat outside a men’s washroom with their pants around their ankles, using the afternoon to educate passerby about the harassment that non-binary people face when… Read more »

Editorial: Arresting the police state

Elizabeth May called it an “act to create a new secret police.” The Conservatives call it Bill C-51. The Liberals played it safe (or just wimped out on committing to anything altogether) and called it a good idea in theory and, as long as they’re elected, something they will amend and improve. The NDP still… Read more »

America needs a chocolate fix

Five years after purchasing Cadbury for $19.6 billion, Hershey’s has decided to ban imports of all British-produced Cadbury chocolate into the United States—this includes Kit Kat bars, Toffee Crisps, Maltesers, and Yorkie Bars. They’ll still be selling Cadbury products in the U.S., but only with their modified, American chocolate recipes. Carry On Tea and Sympathy,… Read more »

36 answers that lead to love with the Martlet

In January, a Modern Love essay in the New York Times chronicled how a woman married a man after asking each other 36 questions that, in a study published in 1997, was “guaranteed” to make someone fall in love. Here are our answers:

Climate debate needs refresh

Monday’s climate change forum, entitled A Dialogue: Climate Change, Divestment, and Society, posed many questions about how the University (and the world) should respond to the climate crisis brought on by fossil fuel emissions, but little was resolved or clarified by the debate. Panelists opposing UVic divesting from fossil fuels attacked the simplicity of divestment,… Read more »