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EDITORIAL: On free speech

The UVic student political landscape saw the entrance of its newest contender last week, with the advent of the UVic Students for Free Speech and Accountability (USFSA). Borne of the desire to hold the powers that be (ie. the UVSS) accountable — as well as the release of a problematic report by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms… Read more »

EDITORIAL: The Martlet stands with Paris

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the recent massacres in Paris, and we offer our most sincere condolences to the friends, families, and loved ones of the victims. But while we come to terms and deal with the aftermath of these atrocious acts, please remember who is truly responsible. DO NOT blame refugees, and… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Refugee crisis response has room to improve

If you’ve managed to keep up with the news as well as your assignments in these first weeks, you’ve almost certainly watched the Syrian refugee crisis ramp up right alongside your reading list. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, four million people have fled the country in hopes of finding refuge. Although this… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Pride not a matter of convenience

On June 26, 2015, mere hours after the Supreme Court of the United States issued their landmark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across the country, big-box retailer Target tweeted: “Here’s to having, holding and marrying who you love. #takepride #SCOTUSMarriage.” On the surface, it seemed like a lovely—maybe even welcome — gesture. But go back exactly three years,… Read more »

EDITORIAL: On truth and reconciliation

On June 2, the Truth and  Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) released their summary report detailing six years of testimony from residential school survivors. The report comes with 94 recommendations to federal, provincial, territorial, and Aboriginal governments as a call to action, so that a “respectful and healthy relationship amongst people” may be established. The… Read more »

Editorial: No cooperation without representation

How badly do Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau want to be prime minister? And how badly do they want to see Stephen Harper out of office? With the federal election looming, these thoughts tap on the window and force us to look ahead, into the light. Through squinted eyes and a hand raised to block… Read more »

Editorial: The final dose

Lethal injections are a strange balancing act; they combine the willingness to kill with the desire to do so nicely. It’s this latter half of the equation which leads states into trouble. How much consideration is owed to the man (executions being predominantly reserved for men of colour) declared more valuable dead than alive? While… Read more »

Editorial: Something gold should stay

While Apple CEO Tim Cook spent a lot of time detailing the features and benefits of the Apple Watch, highlighting the materials used in the regular and Sport models, he glossed over the headline-grabber: the solid gold Apple Watch Edition. Maybe it’s because Apple didn’t want to highlight the huge amount of gold required to… Read more »

Editorial: The driving cause of student debt

In the eyes of the Clark government, students are a whiny bunch. They get their impractical, useless arts degrees, then live off the hard, honest work of their parents (who smartened up and pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps) or the government. The latest furor over B.C.’s proposal to stop issuing drivers licenses to… Read more »