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Leering is Legal

Re: “Sexual harassment in clubs,” Jan. 9, 2014 Contrary to Ms. Pace’s assertion and leaving aside the question of when a stare becomes a leer, unless our Criminal Code has been radically expanded, I would suggest that a man does in fact have the right to look, stare, peer, ogle, leer, gape at, and/or think… Read more »

Help Philippines disaster relief

As the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan’s aftermath continues to affect the Philippines, the Filipino community here in Victoria asks that you think of the victims there. As a part of the worldwide community, we are all affected by this tragedy. Please think of offering your help to the relief efforts currently underway in the country…. Read more »

Dogs not so bad

As the owner of a large dog who lives in the city, I confess to reading Therrien’s “Dogmatic” piece with a sense of mild amusement. Referring to the ownership of dogs in a city as “morally and ethically wrong” seems a marked overstatement. I am not suggesting that dog owners shouldn’t be responsible when on… Read more »

UVic teaching is tops

Re: Editorial Oct. 10, 2013, on the Times Higher Education rankings and teaching at UVic UVic continues to be one of the top ranked universities in the world and can be justifiably proud of the quality of teaching for its students. It is important to note, as the editorial correctly describes it, the THE rankings… Read more »

Syria risks losing more than bazaars and mosques

Ezra Karmel is a Graduate Fellow at UVic’s Centre for Global Studies and the Head of Research for the Jordanian CSO Identity Center Damascus, locals say, does not measure its history in years or generations, but in civilizations. The evidence of these past lives is etched into its ancient walls and markets, which are now… Read more »

Hot debate on campus

I am a somewhat hoary UVic alumnus (BA ‘62) and, coincidentally, an erstwhile Martlet staffer. I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the ongoing hostilities between the pro-life and pro-choice factions on campus, which have now been brought to a head by the civil suit filed by Mr. Cameron Côté and the BCCLA…. Read more »

Doctor rebuts chiropractic skepticism

I am writing in response to a piece published in your magazine on Sept. 26, 2013 by Guthrie Prentice, entitled “Alternative medicine on campus: Do the benefits outweigh the risks?” It is always tremendously unfortunate when someone publishes an article without taking the time to see the deeper truth beyond personal beliefs and/or a cursory Internet… Read more »

Send the UVSS back to Civics 101

On September 24, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms released a report outlining what it thinks is the state of free speech on Canadian university campuses. What this report says about the UVSS is very disturbing. The UVSS received an F grade, making it one of the three worst student unions in Canada for censoring… Read more »