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Hype aversion and fandom fatigue

In just a few weeks, the fourth season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones will premiere, and the internet is already buzzing about it. And for the first time, I’m one of the fans waiting eagerly for the next installment; I’ve also purchased the first book so I can start catching up on… Read more »

How Canadian content grew up

I’m a radio host and music critic, and as a result I know a lot of amazing Canadian bands—stuff like Good for Grapes, The Zolas, A.C. Newman, and The Dears, just off the top of my head. But it wasn’t always that way; before the Internet made music easy to distribute and market, the concept… Read more »

How to seduce an introvert

When I took the Myers-Briggs test in 2011, things suddenly began to make a lot of sense. It revealed that I rated fairly strongly on the side of introversion, which was a bit of a shock. I, like so many, incorrectly assumed that introversion was synonymous with shyness; since I’m writing an article for the… Read more »

Three surprising pop culture tearjerkers

I have never been averse to a good tearjerker, whether in film, television, or another medium, partly because they happen so rarely for me. Doing a minor in film studies will open your mind to a lot of incredible things, but it will also ruin a lot of movies for you; big orchestral swells or… Read more »

Things aren’t okay

I was deeply affected by the first Hunger Games movie. I’m a girl who can sit through art-house horror without losing much sleep, but I thought about The Hunger Games for days after I finished watching it. The hand-held cameras may have seemed cheap to some, but they leant a grounded, indie grittiness to the… Read more »

The future is ours, 140 characters at a time

Quick—name what the following TV shows have in common: Firefly, Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, Angel: the Series, and Veronica Mars. Many readers will recognize it as a very short list of television shows with huge cult followings, all cancelled before their time, dumped by heartless executives in favour of more bland, generic sitcoms and reality… Read more »

Popped culture: Halloween for the Hermit

I may be old before my time, but this year I’m not really feeling Halloween. It’s the tradition for those of age to dress up and get impressively intoxicated, but I’ve actually struggled with this for most of my adult life; I always seemed to have boyfriend problems, midterms, or other issues that kept me… Read more »

Don’t mess with Beliebers

Twitter is a funny, marvelous thing. I work with it in my job as a social media consultant, and I use it extensively in my personal life to keep up with friends, connect with favourite celebrities, and find out what’s happening in the world. In my role as a regular host at UVic’s CFUV 101.9… Read more »