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Sheep are the real heroes

I’ve recently discovered the wonders of what is perhaps fashion’s best-kept secret—the scarf. I’d always dismissed the scarf as a ridiculous gesture toward high fashion, or perhaps an errant nod in the direction of political activism. But this winter, I had the delightful opportunity to wear a scarf for the first time, and I have… Read more »

Buy items with your time

On April 17, United Way of Greater Victoria will host an event called “Volunteering with Benefits . . . It’s about Time!” This event, put on by the UnitedNOW! Council in partnership with the Telus Victoria Community Board, features a silent auction at which volunteers will bid on prizes donated by local businesses. However, rather than bidding… Read more »

Transit prints driver thank-you cards

On March 18, B.C. transit held a Transit Driver Appreciation Day. The date, selected as an homage to the start of bus service in Paris in 1662, was an opportunity for transit users to show their appreciation for the operators of public services. Although Paris’s early bus system was not to last, the organizers of… Read more »

UVic’s EcoCAR 2 and the future of engineering

Just outside Ring Road, in one of the old army huts, a group of enterprising young engineers toil, making their bid in a competition to help design the automobile of tomorrow. The contest, called EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future, is a three-year collegiate engineering competition. As the only one of its kind, its… Read more »

Geopolitical conflict in Ukraine escalating

After three months of mostly peaceful protesting and several days of violent repression, the one-time president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukoych, has abruptly abandoned his post in favour of safer havens. Slow and ineffectual in his response to the Euromaidan protestors who have occupied Kiev since Nov. 21, Yanukovych unleashed violence against opposition groups. Only a… Read more »

Pompeii fails to delight

In his latest disaster-adventure film, Pompeii, director-producer Paul W.S. Anderson of Mortal Kombat and Death Race 2 fame attempts to bring to modern audiences a classic tale of love and laughter from the streets of doomed Pompeii. Rather like the ending, the movie’s calibre fails to surprise movie-watchers, who are treated in equal measure to… Read more »

Syria’s conundrum continues

The best of intentions Following a Christmas address in which Pope Francis urged increased humanitarian aid to besieged Syrians suffering from the country’s extended civil war, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reached out to the Pope. According to the Syrian state-run news agency SANA, Assad is ready to participate in the Jan. 22 peace talks termed… Read more »

Fresh from above

The announcement by Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos that his company is in the planning stages of “Prime Air” drone delivery has set off a broad debate. Many are vocally supporting or decrying the viability, and legality, of such a plan. The drones, called “octocopters,” were introduced by Bezos on 60 Minutes. They will have… Read more »