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Sports are worth how much?

UVic alumnus’s book a great insight into the economics of pro sports Have you ever wondered why Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry can earn a contract worth $201 million? Have you ever scratched your head when asked why tickets, jerseys and merchandise are so expensive, yet stadiums often become the burden of taxpayers? Are… Read more »

Vikes’ Bugiardini, Giannattasio light up Nights of Lightning

Hamilton, Ont.-born Amari Giannattasio and Jenna Bugiardini combined for 56 points against the Lethbridge Pronghorns, leading the Vikes women’s basketball team to their ninth win of the season last Friday, defeating Lethbridge 84-59 at CARSA. Giannattasio, a third-year player, dropped 16 of her 30 in the third quarter as the Vikes put up 37 points… Read more »