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‘A Queer Trial’ takes UVic theatre on location

Tucked in a corner of Bastion Square, just outside the former B.C. Maritime Museum, a troupe of theatre students are singing. Their voices echo throughout the square, drawing curious looks from passers-by. As they run lines, the students stand on the very spot where convicts were once hanged. For months, the class of nearly thirty… Read more »

UVic responds to petition supporting student excluded from convocation

UVic students and community members are rallying behind Nathan Bodie, a student with autism who may not be allowed to participate in his graduation ceremony due to his enrollment in the STEPS Forward B.C. Initiative for Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (BC-IPSE).   According to its website, BC-IPSE “provides the support for students with developmental disabilities to… Read more »

Stories Without Borders: Part Four

The Martlet is excited to announce the return of Stories Without Borders. We’ll be collaborating with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) to tell the stories of students who have come to UVic through the Student Refugee Program, and by sharing the stories of these students, we hope to dispel myths about newcomers and… Read more »

IdeaFest panel challenges current conceptions of reconciliation

How do we reconcile the past to create a better future? What does reconciliation mean at a local or national level? What does it mean in relation to Canada’s 150th? What does reconciliation even mean at all? Panelists at IdeaFest event “On being here to stay, together,” taking place tonight, will grapple with these questions, and many… Read more »

FEATURE: Long-distance learning

Make 2017 the year to say ‘yes!’ to studying abroad For those of us who are always daydreaming about exploring somewhere new, a semester abroad is a no-brainer: experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, meeting new people, and perhaps most importantly, getting to travel while earning university credits? What’s not to love? UVic boasts of… Read more »

Stories Without Borders: Part Three

In collaboration with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), the Martlet presents Stories Without Borders, a feature telling the stories of students who have come to UVic through the Student Refugee Program (SRP). By sharing the stories of these students, we hope to dispel myths about newcomers and the newcomer experience. In the interest… Read more »

Summer at the Third Space: A timeline

After a turbulent few months, summer at the Third Space (formerly the UVic Women’s Centre) is drawing to a close. Since classes ended in April, the centre has undergone a name change, temporarily closed its doors to the collective, had a staffing turnover, and faced a spike in online harassment and bullying against members of… Read more »

Tasty sips to get you through the rest of summer

As quickly as it began, #Summer2K16 is winding to a close. The evenings are long and warm, and Government Street is swarming with tourists. For those of us returning to classes in the fall, September is still a distant spot on the horizon, but a spot that is rapidly approaching nonetheless. But there’s no need… Read more »

Local author encourages Canadians to take part in reconciliation

One year ago, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) released its summary report outlining the steps needed for Canada to properly reconcile with First Nations peoples. But in the time since, how many Canadians have actually read it? B.C. author Jennifer Manuel challenged Canadians to do just that this summer by starting the… Read more »