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‘Stepping Out’: shaking it out in 1980s London

The talented folks at Langham Court are grooving to a new beat in their fresh rendition of Richard Harris’ Stepping Out. At once witty and resonant, this comedy delves into the joys, sorrows, and limitations of eight oddball tap students, their poised but world-weary instructor, and the cantankerous woman who accompanies them on the piano…. Read more »

Knife Party at Hotel Europa is a sensory reading experience

Hopping from Canada to Italy and back again, Mark Anthony Jarman’s Knife Party at Hotel Europa darts from place-to-place, moment-to-moment, and observation-to-observation in a collection of poignantly linked stories that blur the lines between fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, not only in their language, but also in style and content. Told almost entirely from the perspective… Read more »

BoG Shorts March 31: Res fee increase met with dissatisfaction

RES FEE INCREASES Students and UVSS board members brought dorm room furniture to the lobby of the Senate and Board Chambers at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, creating a faux dorm room to protest the proposed increases to residence fees on campus, which the Board passed during their 11 o’clock meeting. In September 2015, residence fees… Read more »

Welcoming UVic’s new VPAC

Faculty members, librarians, staff, and select students gathered in the David Lam Auditorium foyer on March 27 for an informal tea to welcome UVic’s new Vice-President Academic and Provost (VPAC) Valerie Kuehne. “What Valerie is committed to is the entire academic community: our mission of research, education, and also community engagement; she’s got a real… Read more »

Blood-Drenched Beard: tackling the enigmas of family lore

The small, seaside town of Garopaba has a magnetic pull for the descendants of Gauderio, a knife-wielding “gaucho” that the town murdered, according to family lore. Melding poetic language with prophetic mystery and a heavy dose of mythic ambience, Daniel Galera’s Blood-Drenched Beard delves into the intrigue and isolation of two nameless men as they… Read more »

Senate approves consistent model for washroom breaks during exams

The UVic Senate approved additions to the “Regulation Governing Administration of University Examinations,” which were drafted by the Registrar’s office at the request of the Senate Committee on Academic Standards (SCAS). Associate Dean, Academic and Student Relations Heather Raven presented the additions, which focus on providing a consistent model for the administration of washroom breaks… Read more »

Bog shorts Jan. 27: UVic to increase student mobility

ANNOUNCEMENTS The Board of Governors began their meeting by welcoming the new Chancellor, Shelagh Rogers, to her first official Board meeting in office. Michael Kennedy spoke briefly about the Campus Plan Update and the role that the Board intends to take in the process. He then announced that the University of Victoria will be finalizing… Read more »

Qualms over quorum at UVSS general meetings

At the Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) on Feb. 5, the UVSS will put forward a motion to amend bylaw 4.9, which speaks to quorum requirements at general meetings. Currently, the bylaw states that “quorum for general meetings shall be six tenths of one per cent (0.6).” The proposed changes will lower the necessary number required… Read more »