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The single introvert’s Valentine’s Day book review

Make a book your main squeeze this February There’s no worse combination than being an introvert and single on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t help if both your roomates have girlfriends, and when they’re over and you’re on the couch in sweatpants watching reruns of SportsCenter, you feel like a bit of a fifth wheel. Though… Read more »

New Netflix show ‘Sex Education’ is teaching us all about sex

On January 11, Netflix released a new show, Sex Education — and it’s the show about high school that you didn’t know you needed. Usually, when you rewatch your favourite old high school movies, the problems seem less relatable, the characters are whiny, and now, horrifyingly, you relate more to the parents than you do… Read more »

What is feminist porn?

Despite being a feminist, I have no idea how to define feminist porn. Is it romance-novel sex? Is it women in leather with strap-ons? Can porn even be feminist? Porn is filmed for men, right? Wrong. Sort of. Many women watch porn, but a brief scan of Pornhub’s “popular with women” section shows why people… Read more »

Meet the voices of Ocie Elliott

The musical duo sat down with the Martlet to talk about their new album, We Fall In From two small islands in the Pacific Ocean, the voices of Sierra Lundy and Jon Middleton found each other to create soothing songs and elegant harmonies, later forming a relationship and the band Ocie Elliott. As a restless… Read more »

Cheap date spots in Victoria Part II

10 cool, inexpensive places for a date near UVic Valentine’s day is almost upon us, kids! Whether you put it out of your mind for the sake of your sanity, you’re pretending it doesn’t exist because it’s too expensive and depressing, or you just genuinely forgot, The Martlet is here to help. Last year, we… Read more »

Victoria Film Festival 2019: 306 Hollywood review

The Victoria Film Festival logo against a pink backdrop.

On Feb. 2, I had the pleasure seeing the Bojarín siblings’ innovative family documentary 306 Hollywood, as part of the Victoria Film Festival’s 25th anniversary. The film details the story of their Grandma Annette, as told through the items in her home after her death in 2001. Through thorough investigation and artistic organization, the Bojaríns attempt… Read more »

Today marks the first day of the Victoria Film Festival

It’s February 1, which can only mean one thing: the Victoria Film Festival (VFF) is back for another year! Running from Feb. 1 to Feb. 10, the festival is a 10-day extravaganza featuring the cinematic creations of International, Canadian, and independent movie producers and directors. This year, the festival celebrates 25 years — its silver anniversary…. Read more »

Gap year travelling won’t solve your quarter-life crisis

Don’t know what to do with your life? Travel might not be the answer. Running away, or travelling, may seem like an easy way out of your quarter-life crisis. But be warned, you might just come back broke and more lost than you were before taking off. People often talk about travelling as if it’s… Read more »

Traditional tattoos of northwest coast First Nations celebrated at Vancouver gallery

The Bill Reid Gallery collaborated with First Nations tattoo artists from the northwest coast to celebrate the history of cultural tattooing ‘Body Language’ is an exhibition at the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver, B.C. which showcases the tradition and artistry of Indigenous tattooing and piercing on B.C.’s northwest coast. The artists and curators involved worked… Read more »