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Bikram with Bailey

I was too tall for the floor space. I adjusted my black Everlast yoga mat while in an awkward crouch for the third time. Lying down, my bare feet nearly touched the face of the girl in front of me. Bailey tried to hold her laugh like a child in church, but it quietly erupted… Read more »

Occupational Hazard

Photo 1 Two sun-freckled teenagers stand in a grassy field. The boy, six inches taller than the girl, drapes his arm around her shoulders. A flash is reflected in the boy’s sunglasses like a tiny explosion. The girl leans into the boy’s chest while he signals `hang loose’ with his left hand. They each wear… Read more »

Film fast and slow

Nested in the vegetable crisper of my fridge is a Ziploc bag of film (above the carrots but below the green onions). It’s mostly cheap stuff: Fuji Superia in various speeds, grainy Kodak Gold. Sometimes, though, I pick up a roll of slide film (Fuji Provia 100F, to be exact), and I save it for… Read more »

Roller derby ruckus

On July 27, Archie Browning Arena was full to the brim with team spirit and rainbow socks for the Eves of Destruction roller-derby league’s double-header annual Pride bout.

Flipping the Plan

After days of phone calls, I had no choice but to adapt my concept to the available furniture

Flipping the Classroom

For generations, students have spent their days furiously copying lecture notes from a chalkboard and their nights churning out assignments based on those notes. This familiar model is the dominant one for most university classes, but a few UVic instructors are turning this model on its head. Instead of letting students practice concepts at home… Read more »