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Anorexia: My Story

  When people hear me fluently speak unaccented English, they least expect me to say I am from Taiwan. And when my friends compliment my simple and nutritious eating and cooking habits, they are surprised by my traumatic experience with ‘the beast’ eight years ago. This disease is not uncommon, but everyone has a different… Read more »

A woman with lofty talents

Coloured streamers dive and swoop from rigging on the 40-foot-high vaulted ceiling.  Trapezes and aerial hoops hang like empty bird perches above a pale wooden floor. A 25-foot window reveals the mountainous coast of Salt Spring Island, B.C. This temple is known as Flying Dreams Aerial Arts Productions, home of performer, coach, and aerial artist… Read more »

Focus on Fuel Part II: Liquefied Natural Gas Economics 101

This is Part II in a five-part Martlet investigative series exploring the economic, socio-political, and environmental impacts of the B.C. government’s decision to pursue Liquefied Natural Gas initiatives. This instalment focuses on examining economic discourse around the issue.

Mr. Sandman and the hippocampus

Your eyes snap open and you feel an immediate rush of adrenaline surge through your body like a misguided thunderbolt. “How long have I been asleep?” you think to yourself. As you glance around your bed, still groggy and unable to focus on anything too far away, you notice how little of your comforter is exposed… Read more »

Reaching New Heights

Imagine a solitary person walking out onto a soft, padded, stage in front of thousands of people. The crowd is oddly silent, even tense. He turns his back on the audience and looks up at the back wall, covered in pieces of plastic—some small, some large and oddly shaped—up its entire 60-foot height. None of… Read more »

Dumpstering 101: Picking produce

I was thinking headlamps and twitchy nerves. There was a feeling of darkness and deceit. But when I first emailed Julie Anne, my soon-to-be-guide to the underworld of dumpster diving, we agreed that 2 p.m. was the best time to go. The next day I went to meet Julie Anne Blackpen. Wandering around the coffee… Read more »

Footprints in utopia

Confucius may have said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life,” but can we really trust the advice of a fifth-century philosopher who held day jobs that included shepherd, cowherd, and professional thinker? Loving your work is all fine and dandy for Confucius, but choosing… Read more »

Bikram with Bailey

I was too tall for the floor space. I adjusted my black Everlast yoga mat while in an awkward crouch for the third time. Lying down, my bare feet nearly touched the face of the girl in front of me. Bailey tried to hold her laugh like a child in church, but it quietly erupted… Read more »

Occupational Hazard

Photo 1 Two sun-freckled teenagers stand in a grassy field. The boy, six inches taller than the girl, drapes his arm around her shoulders. A flash is reflected in the boy’s sunglasses like a tiny explosion. The girl leans into the boy’s chest while he signals `hang loose’ with his left hand. They each wear… Read more »