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Not all of us are assholes, but all of us have one

Letting one rip. Shooting the breeze. Breaking wind. Cuttin’ the cheese. Farting. Reading that, I bet you felt discomforted. Why is that? We all know we fart, so what’s the big deal? Once while waiting in the airport security line, the man in front of me farted and suddenly became very engrossed with his phone…. Read more »

Stand on me: Linguistics of love

Would you date someone who is a native speaker of a language that you were in the process of learning? It can be difficult enough to communicate in my first language without a few cups of strong coffee, but since I like a challenge and I have a high threshold for embarrassment, so I have… Read more »

Goodbye to romance: My hairy split with Kitty Collector

Dear Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, I’m leaving you. They say that love is blind. But it’s also fleeting, and so it’s with a heavy heart that I am coming clean about my feelings. Now, let’s not pretend this wasn’t a long time coming (two weeks, in fact). When I first met you, I was nervous… Read more »

5 better names for your baby in 2016

According to the B.C. Ministry of Health, 2014’s top baby names for girls in B.C. was Olivia, with Ethan topping the list for boys. And while stats for 2015 haven’t been released yet, it’s looking like Olivia and Oliver may be the frontrunners. C’mon, parents. Olivia? Ethan?! Don’t take this the wrong way (or do,… Read more »