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CSEC: the organization most Canadians may not know about

This government agency employs over 2 000 people and has a budget of $422 million. It is housed in the most expensive building in Canadian government history—worth $1.1 billion. It has sweeping authority outside other government bodies, including the RCMP. Yet, most Canadians have never heard of it, its activity is more or less beyond public… Read more »

Sagacity: Victoria’s local alternative lifestyle society

Sagacity is Victoria’s longest running alternative lifestyle society, founded in 2000. In the time since then, alternative, kink, fetish, and BDSM lifestyles have become a little more mainstream due to a greater presence in the media—television, movies, and books. Sam Quinn, Sagacity’s founder and president, says the society’s mandate is primarily “to provide education and… Read more »

$445 000 to make UVic an EU flagship school

The University of Victoria has received a grant worth $445 000 from the European Union (EU). The funding will allow UVic to be home to the only European Union Centre of Excellence (EUCE) in B.C., and only the third of its kind in Canada. Several disciplines can look forward to offerings of lectures and workshops over… Read more »

Victoria welcomes 50 new Tibetan residents

The Project Tibet Society held a public forum Jan. 24, to inform the public of a project resettling up to 50 Tibetans in Victoria. The 50 people to take up residence in Victoria are a some of a greater 1 000 to be placed across Canada. The resettlement is a part of Government of Canada public… Read more »

Revised U.S. tax law may leave some expats strapped for cash

A new American tax law that will take effect internationally in July 2014 could potentially have disastrous financial consequences for U.S. citizens living abroad—including in Canada. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has already made its mark on the lives of numerous Canadians. The purpose of the new law, which passed in U.S. congress… Read more »

What do you think about UVic receiving funding for the European Union Centre of Excellence?

Taylor Middleton Second year Child and Youth Care “Sounds kind of interesting. I think if it’s going toward something beneficial for us, it’s good. I don’t have any really strong opinion about it.”    Alyssa Savage Second year Environmental Studies & Economics “I think that it’s interesting. It’s obviously going to bring a different point… Read more »

Community meets to discuss future of B.C. schools

On Jan. 23, members of the community assembled at UVic for a panel discussion on signs and potential dangers of schools in B.C. moving to privatization and commercialization. The panel was co-hosted by the Victoria Chapter of the Council of Canadians and the Social Justice Committee of the Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association (GVTA), and represented… Read more »

Royal B.C. Museum recovers stolen pieces of B.C. history

It wasn’t quite like the well-executed heists people have come accustomed to seeing in Hollywood action films such as Ocean’s Eleven or The Thomas Crown Affair. There were no Brad Pitts or George Clooneys in Victoria on Jan. 3. No lasers were out-maneuvered, and no security guards were bound against their will. The Royal B.C…. Read more »

University Centre cafeteria closed for construction

Students need to find somewhere else to eat for the time being, as the University Centre cafeteria is currently closed for renovations. The $7 million project will be paid for by UVic Food Services. The new facility, to be called Mystic Market, will open in Fall of 2014. Until then, Food Services is offering various… Read more »

B.C. author’s short story stirs controversy in Russia

A short story turned children’s story has been passed around Russia for the past year, stirring up controversy. Although, at its core, it is a story about a Russian prince falling in love with his archery instructor, students have been arrested for reading it in public and the author has received death threats, because the… Read more »