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Fad marriage needs to stop

Loving someone in 2019 is hands down the most courageous thing you could possibly do. In a culture where marriage is often treated as a sport, people who institutionalize their love for the right reasons are increasingly hard to find. More often than not, it seems like people do it because it’s trendy. According to… Read more »

Why doesn’t UVic close when it snows?

Victoria is not made for snow. In 2016, the city’s budget for snow removal was just $36 000. In comparison, the city of Kamloops, which shares a similar population size to that of Victoria, has a whopping $1.62 million allocated to snow removal. And that’s fine by me. In a city that averages approximately six… Read more »

Lawless colonialism in Canada

News Unsettled: the Native Students’ Union regular column In the wild west of Aboriginal law, Canada shoots first and asks questions later. For several hundreds of years, the Crown has disregarded Indigenous sovereignty in order to access land resources. From beaver to bitumen, colonial forces have wielded their military might to extract as much profit… Read more »

Harm reduction is only the beginning for combating the opioid crisis

Society is almost useless when it comes to public policy surrounding drug addictions; frankly, politicians should be partially responsible for the deaths of addicts. There needs to be more thorough public programs that give users the opportunity to improve their lives. There is mediocre treatment — Narcan and blankets handed out to the homeless at… Read more »

Letter: Masking Hatred With Kindness

When the news of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting appeared, like most Jews, I was disheartened. Once again, vile hatred towards us has become so serious that it’s led to real violence. However, the news came as no surprise. When times are tough, when things go wrong, the caricature of the Jew is always there to… Read more »

Understanding Unist’ot’en and B.C.’s legacy of undermining Indigenous governance

What is happening on Unist’ot’en territory is not just about pipelines and fossil fuels. It is about how Canada continues to infringe upon and undermine the sovereignty and homelands of Indigenous peoples. Because this is a watershed moment in Canada, I will share some important updates, details and history regarding this issue. Despite claims to… Read more »

Victoria’s horse and buggy industry really isn’t so bad

Everybody’s working for the weekend… (even horses) Let me start off by stating that I’m not your typical ‘horse person’. Full disclosure — I’m not even an animal person. I don’t whisper in dogs’ ears or call furry things ‘cute’. But I also don’t run away from four-legged creatures or step on six-legged ones. I… Read more »